US Weekly Checks Ciara

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was reported several days ago by US Weekly that Ciara had ended her engagement to Future as a result of him allegedly cheating, but the singer called the publication out on Twitter and claimed she didn’t even do an interview with them recently.

An hour or so later, Ciara tweeted again and said she did do an interview with US Weekly, but she never discussed her relationship with Future.

However, US Weekly is not taking Ciara’s digs lying down and they clapped back and wrote the following:

In spite of these claims, Ciara indeed gave an extended interview with an Us reporter at an L.A. event on Tuesday, Aug. 12. During the chat, she spoke at length about her fashion, her fitness routines, her music, her upcoming MTV House of Style episode and being a brand-new mom to baby boy Future Zahir Wilburn, among other topics. “I’m in a much more clairvoyant place in my life,” she told Us. “Moms can be fresh, fly and young, and that’s the kind of mom I want to be,” she added. “I’m very, very happy.”

As it happens, Ciara is also newly single. As Us exclusively revealed Wednesday morning, she recently broke up with her infant son’s father, rapper Future, after learning of his infidelity. (The pair had been engaged since October of last year.)

US Weekly even posted audio from the recent interview too:

Ciara hasn’t responded as of yet.


  1. Ciara should have never tweeted anything because she just made herself look even dumber. Not only could she not remember that she did interview with them, she also doesn’t even understand how the media works. Technically US Weekly didn’t lie. The interview is after her split with Future is it not?

    1. I agree. It wasn’t the headline she’s upset about. It’s the fact that she loved Future and he did her like the rest. She thought he wouldn’t and she’s embarrassed.

      1. no she’s not. kim k just used ciara to get closer to some other n–gaz. (the main reason many white and off white chicks want to befriend us)

  2. Oh she’ll respond, and try to make herself look like the victim…again. She’s already making the rounds talking about Future cheating, since that’s the only thing she’s really got going on lately.

    Ciara just popped back up, and I’m already tired!

  3. She should have kept it cute. No need in getting mad at US Weekly, hell Future is the one who played on her and doesn’t give a damn.

  4. I think both Ciara and US weekly are lying a little. Obviously she did the interview but I listened and I heard nothing about Future. I honestly think they blindsided her a bit they did the interview with her knowing they were going to break the news that her and Future broke up. Where is Ciara’s publicist more importantly.

  5. She cleared this up on twitter a few days ago, she says she did do the interview and talked about her baby, and mtv’s new show, but never made those quotes about Future, they took that from another story and added it with her interview, the audio says nothing about future. Thats why she called them thirsty

  6. She got sensitive because she didn’t like the headlines. It’s a tabloid, Ciara knows how the business works. If you’re going to be a big star, you have to be able to handle the tabloids. IJS.

  7. She doesn’t need to call anyone thirsty when she was so thirsty to make it work with Future that she was taking those shameless pictures with the rest of his baby mamas like that would keep him around.

  8. She sounds so fake whenever she interviews. Maybe if she kept it real she wouldn’t have to remember what she said

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