Karrueche Tran Returns

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s camp claimed a couple of weeks ago that he had ended his romance with Karrueche Tran because he felt like she was nothing more than an opportunist just days after Karrueche’s friends claimed she dumped Chris because she was furious he liked a fan made Chrihanna photo on Instagram.

Although rumor has it Chris has been getting close to Kendall Jenner and Karrueche claimed she was done, Chris and Karrueche seemingly reunited over the weekend at the R&B singer’s celebrity charity flag football game.

Chris even posted the following to his Instagram account hours ago:

chris brown instagram


  1. All this BS was just these two drumming up attention for his album. As if him messing with a Kardashian would ever be reason for this b-tch to bounce. Bet you she’ll be hanging with the Jenner girls soon…that is the world she wants, isn’t it.

  2. They have a very toxic relationship. But will Karrueche be around when he goes broke and the albums keep flopping? I guess only time will tell.

  3. I’ve tried to support Chris and Lord knows it hasn’t been easy. But this is just too much. I’m going to have to retire my Team Breezy card.

  4. I love y’all UB but if I hear another story about them breaking up and making up again I might lose it. I am sick of seeing them all over the blogs. Don’t give these attention whoring fools an outlet.

  5. I’m just going to tweedle my thumbs until his flop drops. While patiently waiting for them to fade into obscurity. It annoys me when couples do stupid ish like this. Shade each other to the world then get right back together. Then have the nerve to be mad when ppl voice their opinion about their stupidity. Don’t put it out there.

  6. Chris is a troll. He also just unfollowed all his fans on Twitter and Instagram. I don’t know how he still has supporters sometimes.

  7. Kae is such a pretty girl but I will never understand why she keeps dealing with Chris. I mean if it’s to gold dig she’s pretty enough to get someone with more money who isn’t as toxic as Chris. I mean if you’re going to do it, do it right.

  8. It is so transparent that they are doing this for attention now. I guess Chris is stressing to sell that X album next month since it got pushed back like ten times.

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