Tyrese Gets Dragged for Mike Brown Tweets

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and actor Tyrese is known for being extremely vocal on social media and sometimes his opinions land him in the middle of controversy.

Even Tyrese’s interviews have gotten him some serious backlash. Not too long ago Tyrese gave his thoughts on obesity and he called overweight people “nasty.” He eventually apologized for the comments, but he hasn’t stopped being vocal on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Hours ago Tyrese tweeted his thoughts on the Mike Brown situation, and he ended up getting dragged as a result.

He tweeted (read tweets from bottom to top):

tyrese twitter 2

tyrese twitter


Tyrese did have many who agreed with his stance, but there were even more people who didn’t and they questioned why he won’t acknowledge that white on white violence is just as high as black on black violence. They also questioned the actor on why he won’t acknowledge the work being done to put an end to the violence in Chicago:

tyrese checked 5

tyrese checked 4

tyrese checked 3

tyrese checked 2

tyrese checked


  1. Is this simpleton really going to talk about black on black crime like he didn’t punch his pregnant ex wife in the stomach? Was that not black on black crime?

    1. I really think he forgot about that because he tries to come off as some holier than thou relationship expert and black people whisperer on Twitter.

    2. I don’t think she was black though. I think she is a Latina. Tyrese hasn’t dated a black woman since Coca Cola got him out of the projects.

  2. I wouldn’t waste my time giving Tyrese facts because the truth is he’s only tweeting about Mike Brown for attention. He is one of the most self absorbed celebrities period. He sits on Twitter all day tweeting stupid motivational quotes that don’t make sense and he spelled “necklace” as “neckless” once. This isn’t someone anyone should waste time trying to have an educational debate with.

  3. I wish people would shut up about black on black crime!!!!! Damn whites throw that in our faces to deflect!!!! And here we have black people doing the deflecting for them!!!!

  4. Tyrese needs to shut his b-tch a-s up and do the education. Every race is more violent to their own because of proximity. Damn he’s stupid as hell.

  5. I’m exhausted from all the dragging I’ve been doing on Twitter. Sigh…let me get in Tyrese’s mentions real quick. *exits*

  6. I wish some of these “celebrities” would just STFU already. We got enough heartache happening without the added disappointment of some of these folks we thought would and should know better.

    It’s the average man and woman out there peacefully demonstrating, not these negroes who claim to represent us. ShamefulH!!!

  7. I really think it would be easier to just copy and paste all the comments from the BOB post because both of them are clueless about the same topics. It’s sad some of our own are deflecting just like these white racists do.

  8. Shut up Tyrese! Tyrese needs to get schooled by Jesse Williams. Jesse Williams said the realest stuff on CNN earlier. He kept 100 and I respect him. He didn’t talk about black on black crime he talked about the real issue how police treat black men and judge them.

    1. Girl yes! Jesse Williams said the truth!!!! I think him and Jamie Foxx oh and John Legend are the only black men speaking up for our people. David Banner too.

  9. I hope everyone on here is making notes about who is acting up and talking stupid right now. Do not support any of these people when the Mike Brown situation becomes old news (as it will sadly).

    1. I said the same damn thing. Keke Palmer, BOB, Tyrese…none of them get a dime, or my time moving forward!!!

        1. I’ve been trying real hard to give Michael the benefit of the doubt, but after hearing how wonderful Jesse Williams was on CNN, I have to reluctantly add Michael to this list. “…if you can’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything…”

  10. I can assure everyone that Tyrese doesn’t really give a damn about black on black crime, Mike Brown, or racism. But he will fake like he does to get some attention because that is how thirsty he is.

  11. I can’t say enough how infuriating it is for me to see another black man deflecting from blacks protesting police brutality when it’s us black men who get beaten, murdered, and harassed by the police unfairly more than anyone else.

  12. For the last couple of days people have been showing their true colors. Please believe I’m paying attention.

  13. I am really trying to figure out how/when this became the rebuttal for injustice. Ok. Crime IN GENERAL is an issue. Be it black-on-black, white-on-white, whatever. Not only are Black lives taken senselessly, but rarely is true justice ever served. This is bigger than crime. And I am so disappointed in these people with platforms who are failing to realize this harsh reality. Stop pointing out the obvious and bring attention to the fact that authoritative figures are abusing their “power” and failing those they are sworn to PROTECT and serve. These people, be you rich or poor, should have been outraged when the name of this officer was released ONLY in conjunction with reports that Michael was a suspect in a robbery. That’s adding insult to injury… especially considering the officer had no knowledge of that when he stopped them. This was a cop who was rude and disrespectful in ordering two teenagers out of the street….and when Michael responded with a smart comment, he pulled the power card and took things too far….resulting in this child’s death. HOW black-on-black crime made its way into this equation is beyond me. If these people (namely celebrities)are not out here in the trenches doing something on a regular basis, do not open your mouth to stand for something you’d otherwise turn a blind eye to just to make yourself sound more enlightened. Idiots.

    1. It’s amazing what the everyday person can see, that these “celebrities” only chose to filter through their rose-colored glasses. These situations are only real to us who have to traverse life with our kids, without the protection of security, body guards, or high rise/gated communities.

      When you forget where you’ve come from, you forget the real situations outside the world you’ve chosen to create.

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