Christina Milian is Unfazed by Relationship Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ever since it was reported that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian have a budding romance, the couple is learning through social media that the people who know them in real life aren’t happy about the union.

Even Wayne’s daughter Reginae threw some shade to Christina recently at the approval of Toya, Lauren London and Lil Wayne’s other baby mama Sarah. But it would be Lil Wayne’s other baby mama and Christina’s ex-husband The-Dream’s ex-wife Nivea who delivered the ultimate blow on Instagram, making it clear that neither she or The-Dream are supporting the relationship.

Regardless, hours after Nivea’s diss went viral on the blogs, Christina subliminally made it known that she isn’t worried about any of the criticism after a follower praised her for the haircut she got in honor of her relationship with Lil Wayne:

christina milian twitter


  1. She can be as unfazed as she wants to because Lil Wayne will be unfazed about her in a few months. Libra men are the worst.

  2. In regards to smashin lil Wayne and gettin a tat she is mad dumb. Like the only 1 he va gave his heart and probably will Eva give his heart too was Toya….these other chicks….are just pretty dumb bishes that he is havin fun wit….furthermore he must have the dope Disney. OAN: I loathe Libra men they are my mirror sign….I had nothing but good relations wit them…I just wasn’t ready for them at the time they came into my life :/

      1. The Libra men in my life didn’t cheat on me or maybe I refused to imagine that they cheated on me being that they always wanted to be stick under my butt lol….I get along we’ll wit them. I have a Cancer man now and it’s a STRUGGLE we bump heads half the time

  3. Well she is Karrueche’s friend so I guess they believe in the same attention whoring by any means tactics.

  4. Yeah UB just make sure you post what she says and tweets after Lil Wayne leaves her for some new baby mama or Dhea because we all know it’s coming. He will never settle down.

  5. Girl bye. You just don’t see you’re nothing but an extra pair of underwear to Lil Wayne. One he wears you out enough, he’ll toss you to the side for a new pair.

  6. I’m really thankful for you guys. Because no lie, I just sat and stared the picture for about 94 seconds and read the tweet multiple times in an attempt to figure out what “TNT” even meant :-/ Jesus Christmas……

  7. Whoops meant to say “haircut” she is still mad dumb and immature…..she left Nick Cannon yrs ago cuz he wasn’t serious only to turn into an industry slut and fck wit an industry slut she keeps losing smh

    1. They’ve been told they’re pretty their whole lives…so they rely on pretty or their bodies. They have nothing to aspire and work towards.

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