Watch: Kevin Hart Proposes to Girlfriend Eniko

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tonight was supposed to be a huge night for Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart considering her new reality show “Atlanta Exes” premiered tonight on VH1, but it appears her big moment may have been overshadowed by even bigger news.

Apparently Kevin decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Eniko Parrish tonight and Eniko said yes.

“Think Like A Man” producer Will Packer confirmed the news on Twitter:

will packer twitter


One of Kevin friends also posted video from the proposal to Instagram too:




Now some believe Kevin was being shady by proposing tonight but it’s also Eniko’s birthday.

Congrats to the happy couple.


  1. So while she’s crying and talking about what went wrong in their marriage, Kevin is partying it up with his new fiancee with no f-ks to give. Hot damn.

  2. I stand corrected. I really thought Kevin and Torrei would get back together some day. I guess I was wrong. LOL.

  3. I hate to say it but Kevin wins. He has the kids, his pretty little gold digger, money, and a bomb career while his wife is living alone in ATL and crying on some boring a-s reality show. Life ain’t fair.

  4. I feel bad for Torrei. But congrats to Kevin and Eniko. If they have been working on a baby already then this proposal is right on time.

  5. Sigh he did this on purpose to stick it to Torrei. Karma is something and Kevin is going to get his. I’m totally disgusted smh.

  6. This is why you never hang on too long to pain. When someone does you wrong, you get through it and move forward because please believe they won’t stop living their life and being happy for you. Happiness/Success is the best revenge.

    1. Well said. I like Torrei but it’s clear Kevin has moved on. Yes, this was shady to do it on today, but he’s over it all. Time for Torrei to be over it all too.

  7. People grow apart. Torrei may have held him down in the beginning but at some point he stopped being happy with her. He’s happy with Eniko. So this was coming.

  8. B-tcha-sness. If he had any respect for Torrei he would have at least waited until tomorrow. He wanted to hurt her and take away her shine. Smh.

    1. Y’all said the same thing when D Wade proposed to Gabby. Then the side baby was confirmed like a few days later. The game has not changed.

  9. Torrei is cutting up on the show already. Why is she walking up in a charity event for Kile acting crazy? Smh.

    1. exactly i now feel like i love tameka and hate torrei. she was coming for tameka and she brought her jumping buddy, tracey! lame!

  10. First off I would say it was very tasteless of him . As in the post of ms eniko speaking about “class” that was not classy at all. It was more of a low blow , but hey that’s just opinion . I do know this though a relationship that starts on result of breaking a marriage apart ABSOLUTELY nothing good will come out of it . It never does .

  11. And this is one reason why I don’t support his a-s. He’s an arrogant lil f*cka. He’s hanging around Steve Harvey too much. I don’t see sh*t humorous about this. Nobody knows how long Torrei will feel some type of way about this, but I agree she needs to pull herself together, accept the past as it is, and do her very best to move on toward healing and loving again. Holding on to the past and the idea that things could’ve worked out better than they did only keeps you stuck there hoping for something that will never happen. But this mess won’t last tho. How you get em is how you lose em and as soon as she gets pregnant, she gonna do him the same way he did Torrei.

  12. It doesn’t matter when he did it. The headlines would read “Kevin Hart proposes after just [One day, One week, One Month] after the premiere of Ex- wife’s TV show”

      1. They are living. They were partying last night and look happy. Torrei is the one who needs to live and let go.

  13. I think I’m indifferent about this. But ONLY because it was Enrique’s birthday. The timing was definitely horrible but I can’t commit to feeling that it was intentional. Kevin has been parading this girl around for years. It is obvious that he moved on (and stayed gone) a long time ago. So, congratulations to them. I agree with the other person that mentioned it being a good idea for Torrei to refrain from commenting on this. It’s a done deal. Time to move on, live, and let live. It’s BEEN time.

  14. Well, I just listened to the interview done here in Atlanta on the Ryan Cameron Morning Show with the Atlanta Exes, and Torrei’s response was what it should be. Although I thought Wanda was being a bit messy and nasty in the interview because her attitude clearly changed once the ladies came into the studio, why I don’t know, perhaps she expected Torrei to feel some type of way, but I felt that was all Torrei needed to say on the issue.

      1. Sorry, for the late reply, lol. She just said she thought it was beautiful and that love is beautiful. She said she has a new guy she’s dating who happens to be her manager and that she was good.

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