Taraji P. Henson is Fed Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While a lot of celebrities are feeling the heat for some of their comments regarding the Mike Brown controversy, others are getting slammed for not speaking up at all.

However, you won’t be able to add actress Taraji P. Henson to the list of silent black celebrities.

Not only is Taraji speaking up for Mike Brown constantly on her social media accounts, but she’s also clapping back at foolish people on her Instagram account too.

After a follower threatened to unfollow Taraji for posting about Mike Brown, she got him together (screenshot obtained by Sip The Tea):

taraji instagram copy

The actress also called out people who don’t see the injustice:

taraji p henson instagram 2

taraji p henson instagram 3


  1. What she is saying, is exactly how many are feeling. She has a black son and does have a right to express her concerns. This madness has to stop and with enough people speaking up and standing strong… maybe something can be done about this.

  2. Much respect to Taraji for speaking up in a way that isn’t popular right now with black celebrities. She gets nothing but respect from me.

  3. She’s a single mother to a son. She gets it more than anyone else honestly. Yes, it is scary for a black man right now but even scarier for their mothers.

    1. Of course he was white. White people don’t want to talk about Mike Brown because they need to believe they aren’t violent murders as if their ancestors didn’t do enough killing. I’m sleep tho.

  4. This is why I f-cks with Taraji always keeps it real. I never understand why people announce they are going to unfollow you,unfollow and keep it moving nobody is going to lose sleep. Claudia Jordan made excellent points.

    1. Yeah I like Claudia a lot. I’m actually excited about her being on RHOA because I think she will bring a lot of class to the show and she will always speak her mind in an intelligent way.

  5. Considering most of the celebs speaking out are deflecting and keep on talking about irrelevant topics to the matter such as black on black crime, this is so refreshing.

      1. They’re having a field day over at Radar Online with that very thing- I got so pissed I had to leave!

  6. I was a huge fan of hers personally after finding out that while she was pregnant at Howard she worked two jobs, didn’t ask for any special treatment from her theater schedule, and still graduated with her degree.

    This has just served to up her quotient in my opinion. Stars aren’t created, they are born!

  7. I’m glad she clapped back at that fool. If you want to unfollow, just unfollow damn. You won’t be missed is what I tell em.

  8. My boo. I’ve been riding with Taraji. She’s humble, gorgeous, and such a real person. She knows when to get hood and when to get classy. I like that.

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