Karrueche Tran Responds to Relationship Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran reportedly broke up once again about a week ago after Chris liked a fan made Chrihanna photo on Instagram, and Chris’ camp claimed he ended things because he felt like Karrueche was nothing more than an opportunist.

Regardless, the on and off couple is once again back on, and many have been slamming Karrueche on social media because they feel her behavior is a bit on the weak side.

Karrueche mildly responded to the critics and posted the following to Instagram yesterday:

karrueche instagram

karrueche instagram 2


  1. Then take that sh-t elsewhere and stop putting out in the media every time y’all does something the other one hates.

    We wouldn’t know, if you didn’t put it out there you weak b-tch! Ugh, I can’t stand this trick!!!

  2. Girl hush. There’s nothing deep or complicated about your little teenage relationship. Ain’t nothing grown or hard to understand about two toxic attention whoring people who enjoy breaking up and getting back together for relevance.

  3. Sigh…there’s really nothing complicated about being too lazy to move on from an unhealthy relationship. But ok.

  4. Damn how much attention do they really need? I didn’t realize until recently how thirsty both of them are. That is the only reason they keep breaking up the way they do. They love the attention.

  5. What’s so complicated about them? They are no different than all the other annoying couples who break up every week and live for IG likes and popularity.

  6. I agree with whoever it was on here who said these two are going to lose their minds when he public tsp caring about their ridiculous relationship.

      1. Hey hon! I’ve been lurking. I’ve been too disappointed in Chris lately to even comment like I used to. Smh.

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