Torrei Hart Addresses Kevin & Eniko’s Engagement + Boyfriend Revealed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Who is Torrei Hart dating? The other night Torrei Hart’s debut to reality television was overshadowed by Kevin Hart proposing to his lady love Eniko Parrish, and some suspected the timing was a way for the comedian to be shady to the “Atlanta Exes” star.

However, Torrei wants people to know she’s unbothered and she tells Atlanta radio station V-103:

“I think it’s beautiful! Love is beautiful. I’m in love too. My man was there last night supporting me 100%, while we were trending #1 in the world. His proposal will bring more viewers to my show!”

Blogger Freddy-O even snapped a photo of Torrei and her boyfriend Reno Rank last night at the premiere party:

torrei hart boyfriend


Reno Rank is also Torrei’s manager.


  1. Ok so this means I can drag her for acting like a stank b-tch at Tameka’s event then. I was giving her a pass because Kevin did her wrong but if she’s over it, I will go forward with dragging her. Her attitude is terrible. I wanted to slap her last night.

    1. It was not the place for any of that!!!! Yes Tameka is a b-tch but damn how do you confront her about her attitude at an event for her dead child?! Torrei better get it together before people start viewing her like they do Tameka.

      1. Stop it. Marriage isn’t like dating. When you’re dating, if someone starts to get on your nerves you can bounce. But when you’re married, you commit to working through things. And let’s not forget cheating is what ruined the marriage..Kevin’s cheating.

      2. right!!!!
        he still stupid for not getting a woman just as black as he is though. hope he doesnt have daughters with torrei. hahaha!

    2. yeah all i could think was this ugly azs b.i.tch torrei needed backup. and she looked very stupid cause tameka was minding her own business the whole time. torrei is the only one i dont like.

  2. While I still think Kevin’s proposal was strategic I am glad Torrei didn’t feed into that and is moving on. With that said BABY she completely rubbed me the wrong way last night. Well all of them rubbed me the wrong way with the exception of Cee lo’s ex wife I like her. I think this was a mistake because watch and see people going to stop feeling sorry for Torrei and more sympathetic toward Kevin. At least people already hated Tameka more hate is nothing to her.

  3. Torrei was hard to like last night and bringing that hood rat of a Love and HipHop flop Tracy was not a good idea. Her 15 minutes didn’t last ten so she wants to get on this show and attention whore. But what she doesn’t know is that even though Tameka tries to play like she’s high class Baaaaby she is gutter! Y’all see she told them to let her go. I’m here for it all.

    1. Tameka wasn’t scared at all. And those are the people you have to watch out for. The ones with all the mouth can’t harm a fly.

    2. Yea I didn’t understand why Traci was even there it was odd. But you can tell she has nothing going for herself so she turned up right at the end try to secure a spot it’s pathetic. But it makes perfect sense why her and Torrei are friends they both seem to have a hard time moving on from their exes.

  4. That show almost gave me whip lash last night! On one hand I felt sorry for Torrei because you could see that she was still bent outta shape about the whole Kevin thing. But baby girl, telling anyone to go “kill themselves” is straight up nasty, wrong, rachet, and just plain evil. If this is who you are when you’re upset, you need to do better – seriously!

    I am by no means a Tameka fan, she was twanging the sh-t out of my last nerve last night, but hateful as she is, you were worse. Time and place, woman…time and place!!!

      1. Torrei annoyed me so much last night. And don’t even get me started on Traci. She got fired from LHHATL because she didn’t turn up enough so now she’s trying to go all in. Ugh.

      2. It’s show business, If she’s not controversial enough, she won’t be retuning for another season. Let her make her money.

  5. I haven’t watched the show (no cable, hopefully it’s on YouTube along w LHHA). Them shoes she got on cute!

  6. Ummmm idk maybe it was just me but I thought the show was mad wack!!!! I didn’t think it was cool for Torrei and her wack a-s friend Baby bop to get raunchy at Tameka’s thing tho. I couldn’t understand why Bbop was going mad hard cuz Tameka said their behavior was ratchet….which it was and bbop wasn’t even extra like that when she was on a show…like bish go find something 2 do wit ur self ughhhh ova it.

  7. Glad Torrei got a new man…but y was her and her bestie Tracey aka Baby bop goin hard on the show last nite??? And baby bop was goin harder than Torrei and all Tameka pretty much said was they were acting ratchet…which they were….so I couldn’t understand the dramatics…anyway I think this show is mad wack. I won’t be watching unless some1 gets beat down but then again they are all too old and have families to even stoop that low….

  8. So she does have a man…so I wonder how he fees about the fact that she talks about her ex all day and cries over him too.

  9. Smoochie you can catch all the shows on mrworldpremieretv *google it* and I figured Torrei would act as if this proposal doesn’t bother her at all- I think she is being fake. Now this woman is taking her place officially with her EX & Kids. Who would be happy about that..Tameka’s features bother me, those sunken in eyes & dark shadow. No way! The whole show I couldn’t stop asking myself what did Usher see in her?!

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