Kevin Hart Claps Back at Proposal Criticism

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kevin Hart popped the big question to his girlfriend of five years Eniko Parrish the other day, however, some felt his timing was shady considering news about the proposal leaked during the same time his ex-wife Torrei Hart was crying about the failed marriage on “Atlanta Exes.”

In defense of the comedian, Eniko’s 30th birthday was the same day of the reality show’s premiere, but that hasn’t stopped people from slamming Kevin on social media regarding the proposal’s timing.

Kevin clapped back at the critics last night on Instagram and posted the following:

kevin hart instagram
kevin hart instagram 2


Interestingly enough, TMZ claims Kevin, Eniko, Torrei and Torrei’s boyfriend ended up at the same club just hours after the proposal, and they ignored each other all night.


  1. Congratulations Kevin! Youre right, it has been six yrs, but you walked away dirty and folks will never let you forget. Best to just live your life and stop responding to every comment. It is what it is bruh!!!!

  2. Kevin really does suffer from the Napoleon Complex. Why does he feel the need to always respond to everything? If he’s happy like he claims, there’s no need to respond to everything, right?

  3. He’s going to have to accept that Eniko will always get the Gabrielle Union treatment because it’s the same scenario. Most women do not like or support women who have aided in breaking up marriages. He can respond until his fingers hurt, the criticism will never go away.

    1. So true. They just need to get use to it. You can’t start your relationship on some messed up terms and expect people to respect it. Most will not. But it’s not like they don’t have a few fans. Some people like them and think it’s cute. I’m just not one of those people. LOL.

  4. You cheated on your wife who held you down while you were a shoe salesman, and proposed to the gold digger who broke up your marriage and didn’t want you until the money started coming in. Don’t expect people to forget the technicalities.

    1. LOL. Yeah he really needs one in the case. But he got what he wanted…a trophy chick. Some men are so insecure it’s pitiful.

  5. But Kevin flew Eniko’s family and friends in super early that day and they had an early dinner at some swanky restaurant long before the show came on. He proposed later on that night on purpose. He knew what he was doing. Him and Eniko stay shading Torrei on IG all the time.

  6. He needs more people. And the fact that he didn’t even speak to Torrei when he saw her that night lets me know there is some animosity between them.

  7. I’m so over this midget and his Rib. They are so full of themselves. A blind man can see the timing was nothing but shade.

  8. Why do Instagram comments hurt his feelings so much? If you don’t care and you think it’s bullish-t why respond? A hit dog will holler.

  9. Why is it that the ones always talking about hating negativity do the most dirtiest ish to other people? LOL

  10. So he’s in the feelings because people peeped that wack a-s shade? He’ll be aight. I’m sure this won’t be the last time he sticks it to Torrei. He’s made a career out of it.

  11. I saw this on TMZ they were killing him in the comments over there too! He spent 40 grand in Magic City… all I want to know is it romantic to celebrate your engagement at a strip club??? I still don’t get the need for the clap back all the posts in the world won’t change anyone’s opinion. If he was so worried about his image he should not have cheated on his wife and marry his mistress.

  12. I don’t like this dude. He has serious color struck issues and he treated his wife like sh-t and has the audacity to shove his mistress down everyone’s throats like she’s some class act. I don’t wish bad on anyone but if he keeps this up, his downfall will be epic. You get what you put out in this lifetime. He needs to get it together and have some respect for Torrei.

  13. Kevin’s an a-s and he does stuff like that proposal to make himself feel like a big man. That’s why I don’t go see his movies or support anything he does. Why go out of your way to keep hurting people.

  14. It’s becoming more and more apparent that these celebrities crave acceptance…or approval. I maintain my position of celebrities being human and having certain rights, but even in all my being human, I would never get on social media and defend or explain any move/decision I make. I’m not sure if guilt is the emotion I want to go with as far as what he’s feeling….but it’s definitely something. Granted, I’m not criticized on such a large scale…but life is to be lived. Instagram your moments and keep it moving. If you want to be missed with the bullsh-t, hooooooooooow about ignoring it? *shrug*

  15. Its so funny he keeps saying that he will not keep repeating himself but he always does…when will he get that not everyone is going to like him or his “rib” he wants everyone else to grow up but he hasnt b/c that shade was obvious.

  16. He’ll end up being just like Kanye is with Kim. Constantly ranting and wanting people to accept her when no one will ever be able to see her past the “heaux” image.

  17. Hmm this is a tough one! I say Congratulations on the engagement BUT if he did cheat on his wife with a mistress then married her that is wrong. I just believe in closing one book before opening another. There are bitter feelings from the ex wife and I understand…. The way you get them is the way you can lose them

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