Joe Budden Responds to Domestic Violence Accusations

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former LHHNY star Joe Budden may no longer be in the reality television game but that doesn’t mean his life isn’t still full of drama. In fact, Joe’s latest ex-girlfriend is claiming that he physically assaulted her. However, he’s denying that he ever put hands on her.

MTV writes:

On Thursday (August 21) TMZ reported that the Slaughterhouse MC beat his girlfriend in a jealous rage. According to the site, Budden dragged the woman out of a New York City restaurant after he saw her in pictures with other men. He reportedly choked her and slammed her head into the dashboard of his car before driving her to his New Jersey home where the beating continued.

Shortly after the story was posted, Budden denied the attack when responding to his followers on Twitter. “@JoeBudden wtf, why is audely lying? She really that angry after you left her, smh,” one user asked before Joe responded: “or needs the attention. Honestly I’m not sure.”

“my n—a @joebudden beat his gf smhhh he still my n—a doe lmfao,” wrote @carla_roseee, prompting Budden to respond: “no Joey did NOT !”

He later tweeted that the allegations “couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.56.39 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.57.00 AM



Interestingly enough, Joe’s ex even sent in some photos to TMZ to back up her claims:

joe budden ex 3

joe budden ex 2

joe budden ex


As we reported recently, Joe and Tahiry are completely done with each other romantically and it’s been rumored that neither will be returning for the upcoming season of LHHNY.


  1. Yea sure Joe just like you didn’t beat up Esther Baxter either and caused her to have a miscarriage she released pictures too. This is the second woman he has beat up so I guess she is lying too just like Esther was lying smh.

  2. I think Joe Budden has more material for his Mood Muzik mixtape series. I like him as an artist but these accusations ain’t good.

  3. Well if he didn’t use hands on her, he sure as hell used feet. The fact that she has pictures, and he had an ex accuse him before means this is a pattern. And it’ll be a miracle if his sorry behind gets out of this unscathed. I hope he gets locked the hell up!

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