The Kardashian Camp Goes After Usher?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night celebrities brought their best to the red carpet at this years VMAs, and as always the fashion itself makes headlines just as much as the performances.

Interestingly enough, the most talked about red carpet moment last night would easily be Usher’s silly and very playful photobombing of Kim Kardashian.

Although Usher was just being playful, Kardashian affiliate US Weekly is now claiming he was “checking out” Kim:

kardashians target usher

Many of Usher’s fans are outraged that the photobomb is being made into something else and some even suspect Kim’s camp is just trying to capitalize off the innocent moment for publicity.


In related news, the Kardashian and Jenner crew is also under fire because some are claiming they were on their cellphones during the moment of silence for Mike Brown. Apparently those watching the Live Stream called it out:

kardashians mike brown


  1. I knew they were going to spin this into Usher being thirsty for Kim when he wasn’t even looking at her butt. They have gotten so predictable.

  2. Typical Kardashian attention whoring and exaggeration. They need to always make Kim look like she’s so desired by black men. Smh.

  3. Ha! When I saw this go down I just knew one of their little sites were going to say this. Usher was just playing around. Kim’s not even his type. She’s too young and she’s not a black woman (even though she wants to be).

  4. Now why are people acting surprised that they don’t give a damn about Mike Brown? These are the same tramps who told Howard Stern they buy a bucket of fried chicken to take to the hood to pick up black men. They don’t care about black people, only rich ones they can leech off of.

      1. Girl yes! It was like several years ago! I wish we could post YouTube videos on here. I might email it to UB and see if they can post it.

        1. I can’t find it but please email it to them. More black people need to see it because they don’t understand that the Kardashians are not here for us.

  5. How else was Kim going to get attention? The night was about people with actual talent. She was desperate and Usher gave her an opportunity to once again get her 15 minutes extended.

  6. But it’s such an obvious photobomb. He was not looking at that gross diaper of hers. The only man who finds that dreadful pile of lumps attractive is Kanye and he lost his mind officially about three years ago.

  7. It’s part of Kim’s game. She has to always make it appear like she’s so desirable. I can’t help but pity her and her whole family at times. They are really pathetic.

  8. Well, big as that a-s of hers is, it’s clear he’s looking up towards the cameras. Kim’s just salty that the VMAs turned into the BEYMAs and the night was all about The Carters. She had to attention whore somehow.

  9. I’m not surprised they don’t care about Mike Brown. They only care about famous, rich black men and even then they are expendable.

  10. I give that dress 2 thumbs down or shall I say 2 middle fingers up! People like her kill me wearing mess like that then they act all surprised when boobs start popping out all over the place. If they didn’t want that to happen, they wouldn’t have worn something with all that exposure in the first place.

  11. He is not looking at her “fake” butt! Yes, I said fake butt because that is exactly what it is. A fake butt, fake boobs and fake orange spray tan.

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