Erica Dixon Doesn’t Back Down

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

 By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night on part one of the LHHATL reunion, Erica Dixon claimed she and Lil Scrappy shared a steamy moment while he was in a relationship with Bambi.

According to Erica, Scrappy “orally” pleased her about two weeks ago.

Although Lil Scrappy denied the accusations, a lie detector proved he was lying. And Erica isn’t backing down either. After reunion taping, she tells VH1 Scrappy did the deed about two weeks ago:

“Months? Two weeks ago. We weren’t intimate. I just let him taste it. We didn’t have like intercourse but…oral down there.

“That’s why I had the hotel receipt because I knew he would sit up here and lie.”

Lil Scrappy is still denying he did anything with Erica and shaded her in a recent retweet:

lil scrappy twitter


  1. Scrappy needs to stop the bumba clot lies…..he needs to stop lying on his hands, his tongue and his Disney.

  2. Scrappy is such a liar lol but last night was wack they made us sit through all that boring talk. It only got interesting in the last 2 minutes.

  3. This season was lame and last was pointless. I only want to see Stevie and Joseline. Nobody cared about Erica, Scrappy, Bambi or all those others irrelevants.

  4. This show has gotten boring. I wasn’t even interested in watching last night. For what? The season sucked.

  5. Ugh! Why’s she claiming Scrappy though! He always looks like there’s something in his teeth. Yuck! I couldn’t let him or his infected choppers away from my chuckie.

  6. Complete waste of time. I don’t understand why she needed to bring a hotel receipt to prove that this lowlife ate the box. I mean wasn’t she done with him now she’s backtracking? C’mon Erica.

  7. Erica get it together boo. You’ve given Scrappy way too much to “taste” in the last few years. Move on and get someone else to taste it boo.

  8. Ik this was gonna happen from the way they were flirting at the fashion show. Welp. Hood folks tell me babymama/daddy always get to hit. Lol

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