Chris Brown Pleads Guilty in DC Assault Case

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown’s legal troubles have been well documented, but with an album dropping this month he’s hoping he can put most of his troubled past behind him.

This morning Chris went to court for his DC assault case, and he actually pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault. However, since he already spent a lot of time behind bars (131 days) for an earlier probation violation, the judge sentenced him to time served.

CBS News writes:

Brown’s attorney, Danny Onorato, argued that Brown had already been punished extensively for the assault, noting the time he spent in jail in California and four months he spent receiving inpatient counseling after his probation was revoked.

“To say that he’s been punished severely in this matter is an understatement,” Onorato said. He said Brown’s career has been on hold for nearly a year and he wanted to take responsibility for his actions so he could go back to work, including a tour in support of a new album.

Brown spoke only briefly, saying: “I would like to say to the court that I’m sorry.” He did not comment as he left court, swarmed by photographers and a handful of fans.



Chris Brown’s on and off girlfriend Karrueche Tran arrived with him to court and was all smiles once Chris learned his fate.


  1. Karrueche is such an idiot. She rides so hard for a man who won’t even ride for her. He was quiet as a mouse when she got dragged for that Blue Ivy ish.

    1. Of course he was quiet. He doesn’t give a damn about Karrueche and never did. She still thinks if she keeps riding for him that will change one day. She’s stupid.

    2. I never paid attention to that. Shoots. He know not to say nothing at ALL bout anything pertaining to the Carter’s. Remember Jay shut ish down for him once before.

  2. So now he’s concerned about his career. Maybe he should have been concerned about his career when he serving a can of whoop a-s in DC. And that album is still going to flop because it’s been pushed back over 10 times.

  3. LOL at Karrueche being giddy he’s not going back to jail like he won’t actually get arrested again for something else. Chris doesn’t know how to stay out of trouble.

  4. Chris really needs to get it together. If he doesn’t do some soul searching and get rid of some of the enablers he always has around him, he will get in more trouble.

  5. He’ll mess up again…Chris just can’t seem to help himself. And I see he had his blankie at his side as usual. I just have no words for her anynore.

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