Ciara & Future Back Together?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago it was confirmed Ciara and Future had ended their engagement, but we figured it was coming since the couple went from setting a date to no longer knowing when they would make things official.

It was rumored Ciara called off the wedding due to Future allegedly starting an affair with his stylist but now whispers are suggesting the couple is back on and Ciara is giving Future another chance for the sake of their newborn.

TMZ reports:

Sources close to Future tell TMZ … he and Ciara are living together again — and trying to make things work between them — so Future can help take care of their 4-month-old son, Future Zahir.

Ciara must be willing to overlook the past … since she was the one who claimed Future cheated on her while he was on tour — and then broke off their engagement last month.

We’re told Ciara wasn’t interested in a shared parenting situation … saying she believes Future’s a good father and that it’s best for their son if his dad’s there.


Neither Ciara nor Future have confirmed the report and they haven’t been spotted together again as of yet, so we’re labeling this as gossip for now.

But we do find these recent tweets pretty interesting (read from top to bottom):

ciara twitter

ciara twitter 2


  1. I wouldn’t put this past Ciara. She’s dumb as hell and has low self esteem. She’s basically Karrueche with a career. She knows this man will never do right, and to blame the baby for the reason she’s sticking around is low.

  2. I’m all for love and working things out, but why is she pretending Future’s track record with other women isn’t bad? He’s a known cheater. Him starting that affair with his stylist wasn’t a mistake, it was intentional and right up his alley.

  3. Hey, it’s her life. If she wants to waste all these years on a cheater who likes to impregnate multiple women in his spare time, it’s her choice. I gave up on Ciara a long time ago. Talented girl, but she’s not the brightest when it comes to her career or her personal life.

  4. Clearly some women enjoy being cheated on and Ciara is no exception. And this is the reason why men like Future, tomorrow or the Past whatever his name is will never stop doing what they do because they get a free pass from weak a-s women like CiCi. A man that cheats on you while pregnant or just had a baby deserve no second chance.

  5. Major fail for Ciara. Joining Future’s baby mama club was a bad decision but taking him back after he cheated while she was pregnant? That’s crossing into bird territory.

  6. So the label paired them together as a PR relationship and this naive girl is actually falling for him to the point of making herself look stupid? Girl do better.

  7. Bullsh-t. She’s not doing this for her son, she’s doing this for herself. If she really cared about her kid, she would have never let Future stick his raw and pobably diseased dyck in her to begin with. Now what child wants a rolling stone as a father? She’s full of sh-t and too desperate for her own good.

  8. Pathetic. You sure never stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect you just for the kids. You harm your children by raising them in a unhealthy environment. And what they have is very unhealthy.

  9. Dumb sh-t. So she doesn’t think Future will be there for their son if they did shared parenting? What kind of flop sh-t…

  10. Of course. If Ciara thought more highly of herself she would not have even given him the time of day in the first place.

  11. You teach people how to treat you…I hope she doesn’t expect him to treat her better than the rest in his tribe.

  12. Wait y’all, did y’all catch the tea though? She caught Future cheatong on her and he was the one who broke up with her!

    “Ciara must be willing to overlook the past … since she was the one who claimed Future cheated on her while he was on tour — and then broke off their engagement last month.”

    Damn she’s so weak! Not only did he cheat on her while she was pregnant, but when she confronted him he’s the one who left her and she just took him back!!!!

  13. I kind of had a feeling they would get back together. Ciara is very weak minded. Before Future she tolerated unhealthy relationships with Bow Wow, 50 Cent and Amare Stoudemire.

  14. I really wonder what Ciara’s parents think about this situation. i find it hard to believe they are happy about this. And how can she say she’s taking him back so he can be with their son 24/7 like he doesn’t have other kids? Shouldn’t they also have him full time too?

  15. I love Ciara. I know what it’s like to love and care for someone and be disappointed by their actions; minus the baby. Ciara was really in love and feelings don’t disappear over night. I think if they both are willing to work on their issues things might work out. If he indeed cheated on her or w/e their issues are she knows what she is really working with. I am going through something similar right now its bitter sweet and it has wisened me up. Although I’m open to working out our issues; I am no longer in the honeymoon stage. I see both his good and bad qualities . I can forgive, but if he wants me back he is going to have to show and prove bc that blind trust is gone. I think maybe that’s where Ciara might be. I think if they truly love each other then they owe it to themselves to try, but they have to set healthy boundaries and rules. I wish them the best.

  16. her eyes are so dim in this photo. depression maybe. when a person feels depressed and useless they’ll do (or pursue) a lot to not feel that way– even emotionally gamble some MORE with the sources who feed the depression. i think her stalling career is causing her to feed into failure some more. she’s not maneuvering entertainment enough. she’s not flexible enough to succeeding in another entertainment area when she fails in another. she doesnt grasp every opportunity.

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