Karrueche Tran is Ready to Shut Down Her Critics

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran got dragged on social media something serious after she went forward with BET’s diss of Blue Ivy’s hair, but Chris Brown’s girlfriend is used to getting dragged daily at this point since she’s a favorite target of Chris’ own fans and even some of Rihanna’s Navy.

Interestingly enough, Karrueche is now eager more than ever to prove her critics wrong, and she has plans to create a name for herself outside of being Chris Brown’s boo.

She tweets (read tweets from top to bottom):

karrueche tran twitter

karrueche tran twitter 2

karrueche tran twitter 3


  1. I guess she classifies talent as taking nice selfies and being a doormat to Chris. If so, yes she’s very talented.

  2. But she use to be a styling assistant though. It didn’t occur to her to say that. This chick stay losing and I don’t have anymore sympathy for her no matter what she does or what she accomplishes she will always be Chris Brown’s doormat/sidepiece or whatever even after Chris settles down with someone else or marries someone else she will always be known as that.

  3. We’ll be waiting on it forever then because she’s been in the spotlight for about 5 years now and she still has no career of her own.

  4. K doesn’t know how to play the game. If she was more business minded, she would have taken a bigger advantage of being with Chris than she has. How have you been dealing with his ish for as long as you have and you just now get a little gig with BET? And she messed that up on her first day. Smh.

  5. She could cure cancer tomorrow, and will still be referred to as CB’s girlfriend. Even after he moves on in life, she’ll forever be known as his ex. That’s what happens when you never build your own identity.

  6. What did she say other than nothing? & I’m starting to look at “stylist” as glorified groupies (not sorry). I.E Emily B., Tammy, Future’s stylist turned sidechick & Karr. (S/O to Tammy for getting the ring & to Em for being claimed in public after all these years)

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