Karrueche Tran Gets Called out for Instagram Activity

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks as if Chris Brown isn’t the only one in his relationship who sparks controversy with social media antics. When Karrueche isn’t clapping back at her critics on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Chris Brown’s girlfriend is creating trouble for herself by posting flicks of other people’s kids without their consent.

Apparently hours ago Karrueche posted a photo of someone’s daughter to her Instagram account and joked that child look like she could be her daughter.

When the child’s mother found out about Karrueche posting the photo to her account which happens to be followed by millions, she was heated. She wrote the following in response (screenshot obtained by All West Everything):

karrueche causes trouble on ig


The photo has been removed from Karrueche’s Instagram account.


    1. Yeah but I can see why now. She’s not very intelligent. She makes bad decisions just like her boo. And it will cost her.

    1. Well that’s why they are now telling parents not to share the kids pictures on social media. It’s hard to control what people do with them now.

  1. You know I used to really try to take up for Kae and see the good in her but now I can see why she has stayed with Chris for so long. She’s just as immature and inconsiderate of others as he is.

  2. Yikes. I can understand why the mom is mad. You think as a parent no harm can come from putting your child’s photo on your IG account, and nowadays you just never know where the pictures will end up. It’s some scary ish when you think about it. Kae meant no harm but she needs to never do that again. People don’t play about their kids.

  3. Karrueche is always fawning over (or laughing at) someone else’s kids. Serves her right. I’m glad she was called out. From now on she needs to leave other people’s kids alone.

  4. Sigh Kae is out of line once again. But I will say that I wouldn’t post any pics of my child on social media because they can be used as a meme or like this. It needs to be some restrictions and regulations on social media you can’t be posting other people children on your page or on a meme. I’m really starting to hate social media.

  5. Karrueche’s stupidity never ceases to amaze me. She keeps forgetting she’s technically a public figure now so everything she does is scrutinized. Not to mention the child’s mother can sue her (really Chris).

  6. She is a D list celebrity now. She can’t just be posting whatever she wants on IG anymore. Time for her to smarten up.

  7. After checking out her IG and seeing some of her comments calling folks “fat” or “ugly” when they don’t agree with her, I’m not surprised she would do something like this. She a mean-spirited, stupid woman who should be doing way better in life by now. Because Chris keeps entertaining her trifling a-s, doesn’t mean the rest of us will.

  8. I’m sure she didn’t mean to upset the mom but she really lacks common sense. It’s like she wants to be famous but doesn’t get the responsibility that comes with it.

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