Ray Rice’s Wife Claps Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ray Rice and his wife Janay have been in the headlines for the last 48 hours thanks to video of Ray assaulting Janay viciously in an elevator leaking and going viral instantly.

The former Baltimore Ravens star running back is currently on a suspension from the NFL, and Janay expressed on Instagram recently that she wishes the media would have just minded its business and that people would stop dissecting their problems.

While some pitied Janay and have written off her response as just an example of “Battered Woman Syndrome,” others haven’t been as understanding. In fact, some people have actually been cursing her out on Instagram.

Janay is clapping back though (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

janay claps back



In related news, Baller Alert is also suspecting that Teyana Taylor may have allegedly been the reason the couple was on bad terms in the first place.

In fact, some of the latest gossip suggests Janay confronted Ray after she caught him texting Teyana earlier that night.

After writing a blind item that made many think the culprit was Teyana Taylor, the blog writes:

Let’s start with the tweets. As you can see they date back to December 2009. In the tweets below you’ll see Teyana and a friend clowning Ray about his “strong faced” girlfriend (Janay). The previous Baller Mail/Blind Item said that the two had been involved for a few years.

teyana taylor ray rice

teyana taylor ray rice 2

teyana taylor ray rice 3

teyana taylor ray rice 4


We can’t confirm any of this, and we’ll just wait and see if Teyana responds on social media soon.


  1. WHOA! No one needs to be cursing his woman out on Instagram. That’s a terrible message to send to domestic violence victims. And I hope Teyana had more respect for this man’s relationship than this if she’s going to make a fuss about Tae and Brandon.

  2. Man Teyana is a mess. This is like the third time she’s been accused of trying to break up a relationship. That’s why I didn’t feel an ounce of sympathy for her when Tae snatched up Brandon. Teyana isn’t a saint. And never has been.

  3. So now we’re dragging domestic violence victims? Really? And no words for Teyana. I lost a lot of respect for her after reading these tweets.

  4. Messy! This whole situation is a hot mess I hope Ray and his wife are getting some help for real. This kind of stuff will make people hurt themselves.

  5. Teyana ain’t sh-t. She’s a damn hypocrite because she was acting a got damn fool when Tae “stole” Brandon from her but this whole time she was taunting Ray Rice about his relationship and trying to throw her c–ch at him with no shame. And she can’t call no other woman manly looking. What does she think she looked like before the nose job?

    1. I’m telling you, all the lame chicks who came for Rihanna are all being exposed for the nasty broads they are. And I love it.

      1. We tried to tell them Teyana and Karrueche were angry birds who start drama but they wouldn’t listen because they were too busy calling Rihanna a bully (which she isn’t).

        1. Rihanna doesn’t start beefs. It’s just that a lot of the times people don’t see how things originated so they assume that. You and I both know Teyana came for Rihanna first after Chris hit Rih, but a lot of people don’t know that because Teyana was so irrelevant at the time that it wasn’t on a blog. Same thing with Karrueche.

        2. Exactly! I can remember the Karrueche/Teyana vs. Rihanna thing on here so clearly and people on here were celebrating them dragging Rihanna and calling her a bully and saying she got what she deserves for bullying other people and called her all kinds of names on here. Now look at the situation hoochie coochie did on BET about Blue Ivy, now this mess with Teyana and these tweets. Now I hope y’all see these two aint no saints and who the real bullies are.

      2. People shouldn’t be surprised though. Teyana made fun of Rihanna for what Chris did to her. Anyone who mocks domestic violence clearly isn’t a good person who has morals. I knew when she was trying to trash Tae that she was full of it. She has been Tae multiple times. She’s a fraud.

  6. See this is why I had a problem with this video being broadcast the way it was. I knew people were going to have every opinion and flood her social media. No matter what people think of her she is a VICTIM and attacking her and calling her stupid is wrong. Hasn’t she been through enough? She needs help not ridicule smh. On to Teyana I hope this isn’t true I like Teyana but she know she stay in some mess but regardless it still doesn’t justify Ray putting his hands on Janay.

  7. The f-ck? So this escalated quickly. Now is it possible Teyana is just another industry hoe? Sure. I mean you always have to side eye the chick that calls every man stored in her phone her “brother.” And all these birds coming for Janay on IG need to have an everlasting seat. She’s acting like any victim would. She’s in denial and needs support, not a damn dragging.

  8. I can’t believe some people are actually going after the victim. She didn’t punch herself. Yes, she’s making the wrong choice by staying with Ray but what is cursing her out going to do? That’s just more abuse.

  9. Teyana is always linked to some mess. I hope she was not texting him because isn’t she supposed to be in a relationship herself? Anyway, I’m not surprised people are dragging Janay on IG. That’s just where we are now as a society. It’s sad but it is what it is.

  10. What kind of man allows any woman to talk about the mother of his child like that? So not only does Ray think it’s ok to knock out his own woman, but he also doesn’t care if other people disrespect her. Pathetic.

    1. Very good point. If Ray was a real man he would have kept his hands to himself and he would have checked Teyana the first time she disrespected his wife.

  11. Janay should’ve shut down her social media accounts as soon as this all went down, cause we could see this coming from a mile away…unfortunately, they’re always women who will go after the victim harder than the guy, and it’s a damn shame.

    Janay really needs to stop though, because if she keeps clapping back at every stupid comment, she’ll begin to make herself look unsympathetic.

    Teyana is the same person that came for Rih…now look! I hope folks are finally seeing her true colors.

  12. SMH. Janay just needs to delete her account and stop trying to argue with folks. She really needs to be getting therapy. Forget Instagram.

  13. These tweets make me want to slap Teyana. I can’t stand girls who always complain about other women not respecting their relationship when they are out here being trifling themselves.

  14. Buuuuuuuut, Teyanna looks like the damn clown from Saw tho! I never understand how people feel entitled to go in on someone else when they aren’t too far behind. Her face is nowhere near soft OR feminine.

    Janay might as well either log out for a while, deactivate her profile, OR make her page private. The comments aren’t going to stop and that doesn’t make them right. But she’d be putting way more on herself if she begins to respond. In working with domestic violence victims, one of the first things I was taught was to never SUGGEST the victim leave and never ridicule them for their decision to stay. So comments of people calling her stupid and ridiculing her for her decision to stay will definitely do more harm than good in so many ways. And considering this video was broadcasted for all to see (which it shouldn’t have been), she’s already suffered enough.

  15. I think people need to pray for Ray and Janay. They have a daughter and their relationship is too toxic for her to see.

  16. People are so cold. This is not the time to put this woman down like that. She needs to get off social media and put the time in getting help with her spouse.

  17. Now I do think Janay is stupid for staying with Ray after what he did but I’m not for people cussing her out on Instagram like she’s the one who knocked herself out. Yeah she’s stupid for staying but dragging her won’t help her see the light. It will just make her more defensive about the situation. And Teyana is such a damn fraud. She was probably lying when she said Brandon took her virginity too because baby girl has been linked to like 20 different men in the span of two years.

  18. Teyana is such a messy broad. She acts like she’s in high school. And she has some nerve calling someone manly looking. Bish.

  19. Well if she thinks Janay has a strong face what the hell she think she got, because she aint no damn looker herself. So if that’s the case then he just has a thing for strong-faced women cuz Teyana damn sure look dude-ish!

  20. Teyan sit your messy arse down. You cant talk about nobodys looks pre or post nose job. Bish sit the fawk down. Cant stand messy conniving folks.

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