Terrence Howard Responds to Anti-Black Women Meme

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been on social media in the last 48 hours, chances are you’ve seen a meme of a very offensive quote from actor Terrence Howard about black women and the Ray Rice scandal. However, it was pretty obvious to us instantly that the quote was fabricated but the “Best Man Holiday” star has addressed it anyway on his Instagram account because it has gone viral in record-breaking time.

Howard says he never said the quote and even discusses his feelings towards black women despite his dating past (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room):

terrence howard instagram


  1. He’s a douche but he’s not dumb enough to say anything like that. Damn people are stupid. I swear you slap any dumb quote on a celeb’s picture and people will believe they said it.

    1. Girl you ain’t lying. I feel bad for these celebs cause anyone can make a meme of something stupid you never said.

    1. LOL. It’s always the ones who scream I love black women my mom is black! who don’t ever date black women.

  2. Terrence Howard is one of those black men I will gladly hand over to non black women. No seriously.

  3. I thought it was fake the first time I read it. He does have the tendency to put his foot in his mouth, but this quote is two feet in one mouth.

  4. I’ve never seen him with a black woman so he doesn’t love us too much. But we’re not missing out on anything. Dude allegedly beat up his last wife and married his current wife a few weeks after meeting her. He’s a looney tune.

  5. Terrance can’t keep his damn hands to himself, he has strange hygiene habits, and his a-s jumps into love too quickly. Nah bruh, you can keep your “admiration”…we black women are cool on you.

  6. I don’t really care who he dates but he needs to stop being delusional. He does have a dating preference and it doesn’t include black women. I feel like he just wrote this to keep us coming to his movies.

  7. Did he slap a whole jar of gel in his head to take this picture? Never trust a man who puts gel in his head.

  8. First off my mother was a strong african American woman and so were all the women who helped raise me!! I am married to a beautiful African American woman!! All this dissing of him is petty insecurities of yourselves so just stop the nonsense. Prior to my wife I’ve dated all races and it never mattered about skin color the common theme was they all had a crazy side. The whole point of him addressing this is not a color issue but the fact he does not condone domestic violence.

  9. It is a shame, when this man gets all his support from Black people. What, does he think all white people like him. You Black and you will just have to live with it!!!

  10. So what if he said it or didn’t say it. Others have said similar things and people still go see their movies, buy their music, etc. He doesn’t hide the fact he don’t f-ck with black women so…. Someone mentioned the same thing about Kevin Hart on here so

      1. But ummmm Kevin Hart is notorious for saying flip stuff like this about black women too and Enikko is not what many would consider as black.

        1. Wrong. Give me the direct quote from Kevin Hart in which he said he will not ever date black women and that he hates black women. The light skinned/dark skinned thing is COLORISM, and a lot of black people suffer from that. Hell I see that mess on Facebook from black people everyday! The whole light skin vs. dark skin thing is not new, just look all the stupid memes we see all the time. But unlike Terrence, Kevin has dated black women, married one, has a black daughter and a black girlfriend. Eniko is black. If y’all consider Barack black, Eniko is black. I’m tired of y’all bringing up Kevin in posts that don’t have anything to do with him and twisting up facts.

          So I’m waiting on a quote from you by Kevin in which he said he doesn’t do black women. I’m sure I’ll be waiting forever too.

          1. You sure will cuz I aint bout to debate your stupid a$$ over MY comment that you felt the need to reply to. So I guess you weren’t one of the many on here who thought Zendaya wasn’t black enough to play Aaliyah, or who thought Zoe Saldana wasn’t right for the Nina Simone role?! UB has posted many articles about Kevin and his remarks against black women and dark skinned black women in particular so miss me with your bullsh-t please. UB has a search function if you’re so pressed, look the sh-t up!

          2. @Miesha

            First, that’s what I thought. Second, I’m stupid but look who had to resort to profanity and name calling to prove a point they couldn’t even prove. How old are you, 12? You’re WEAK.

            I’ve been reading UB since 2011. I’m quite aware of the search function, but I’m sure you used the search function and realized you really didn’t have any solid proof or receipts to back up your baseless accusations about Kevin Hart. Kevin may have made ONE tasteless tweet/joke like MANY have about Dark skinned women vs. light skinned women, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do black women nitwit. And you know that and that is why you’re on here name calling and cursing like a child throwing a temper tantrum because mommy said you’re too old to still want to play with toys. Grow up and read a book on colorism and just then maybe you could have a conversation like an adult with me. And you’re such a horrible debater bringing up yet another person who has NOTHING to do with this discussion because you’re not intelligent enough to stick to the topic at hand. I said Zendaya is black and got dragged on here for it. So at least have facts next time, you pathetic excuse for an adult. Goodbye.

  11. Ok he didn’t say it but I mean really, I don’t think black women are hurting any by Terrence not dating us. Let’s be real about this. Terrence is a part of a small group of black men who date white women (don’t let the media fool you because most black men are with black women), and most of the ones who are so gung-ho about not being with BW are trash anyway. We’re not tripping at all over his dating preference. We just find him hilarious. I’ll never forget his baby wipes comment. Lmao.

  12. If he doesn’t want to be with a black woman, than so be it. At least he made it clear that he wasn’t dissing his own kind. Not wanting to be with your own race doesn’t mean you’re not proud of who you are, your attraction is somewhere else. There are black women who date and marry white men or another race of man, but still has respect for their black men. I happen to be one of them. I dated black men, but nothing came of it. No disrespect to black men, but life happens to us all. It is what it is.

  13. I’m laughing at the few on here who want black women on here to be angry about this. Look he didn’t say it. So I’m not sure what Kevin Hart or anyone else has to do with this post. Most of us were coming on here to clown Terrence and I was getting my laughs up until a few of you serious people came on here and ruined things. Damn we can’t have nice things on here ever!

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