Brandon Jennings Kicks Teyana Taylor While She’s Down + Teyana Responds to Ray Rice Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you the other day that folks are linking Teyana Taylor to the horrible violence that went down between Ray Rice and his wife Janay on an elevator, and the latest gossip is suggesting Teyana had allegedly been texting Ray the night the incident occurred.

Teyana’s ex-boyfriend Brandon Jennings decided to be messy and get involved in the drama and he went after Teyana yet again on Twitter recently.

Check out the now deleted tweets (screenshots obtained by The Shade Room):

brandon jennings tweets


Teyana Taylor didn’t respond to Brandon’s now deleted tweets, but she posted the following to Instagram and made it clear she’s not going to give Brandon any attention:

teyana instagram


Teyana also responded when a follower asked her if there was any truth to the Ray Rice rumors (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

teyana responds


      1. And a glass of water for his thirst because he’s is literally just doing whatever he can to get Teyana’s attention right now.

  1. Ok so let’s say she’s telling the truth and she wasn’t texting him that night. She’s still wrong for making fun of his wife’s looks on Twitter and trying to come between their relationship a few years ago.

  2. But we saw the tweets though. Maybe Teyana moved on because she has a man, but she definitely tried to pursue him while he has been with Janay. She’s wrong for that because she was the same one crying when Tae started dating Brandon.

  3. I do a terrible job of keeping up with details concerning these people, but this is the same dude that’s in a relationship or “engaged” to Lashontae now, right? Well, that’s kind of irrelevant actually, because even if he isn’t, he still shouldn’t be putting effort or time into this foolishness. To tweet it AND delete it? Can dudes be considered birds too????? Sheesh.

    Lashontae might want to raise those antennas tho ’cause this type of behavior toward an ex isn’t normal or indicative of having “moved on.”

  4. What is Brandon’s problem? I don’t understand why he is still holding on to his anger with Teyana. I thought he was supposed to be engaged.

  5. Brandon has me wondering where the hell all the straight men have run to. Cuz these fools nowaday, clapping back on IG and twitter like thirsty females are perpetrating a serious fraud.

  6. Brandon is such a lame for this. He reminds me of my bitter ex who was so vindictive after we broke up even though he’s the reason we broke up in the first place. Just childish.

  7. I respect Teyana’s denial but I have to question why she is always, and I mean always linked to a messy situation and someone else’s man. Now it can’t always be people are getting it wrong and lying on her, right?

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