Ciara Has Options

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and Future reportedly called off their engagement weeks ago after Ciara allegedly learned Future was cheating on her with his assistant, but it was rumored later that the couple is now reconciling their relationship for the sake of their newborn son.

However, the singer may have new options because it’s now being reported that a male model was so interested in her at New York Fashion Week that he wouldn’t leave without her number.

Page Six writes:

The singer, who split with Future last month after infidelity rumors, attended a Polo Ralph Lauren show in Central Park, where the designer presented his women’s collection via “4D” technology and a hologram.

Ciara was no longer wearing her engagement ring, and spies said a hunky model sent her his number via park security.


  1. Future still has her wrapped around his finger though. And that’s what I’m baffled about. As pretty as she is and as decent as a career as she has, you would think she would have moved on as soon as she learned Future had a baby mama club.

  2. You mean she has options she doesn’t plan to use because she’s still head over heels for Future for some strange reason.

  3. It has to feel good for Ciara’s confidence after all she has been through. No need to rush in another relationship but a nice little friend doesn’t hurt lol. She is still young and beautiful she definitely has options.

  4. I never know what to believe about this chick…what is real, and what’s set up by her camp? After hearing she and Future were initially a PR move on her label’s part, I’ll wait for the receipts on this “friend” before believing the press.

    1. If the relationship she had with Future was fixed, I think that ultimately she actually ended up caring for him, as evidenced by her decision to procreate. That being said, THIS could be a story planted in an attempt to get Future’s attention and/or make him jealous. The whole “you ain’t the only one that’s trying to be the only one” type of deal. At any rate, her love life is boring and this doesn’t help. *yawn*

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