Tahiry Jose Releases Statement Regarding Recent Attack

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tahiry Jose was rumored to have been attacked viciously while she attended New York Fashion Week, and multiple reports claim a man assaulted her and she had to receive treatment at a nearby hospital as a result.

While the details are still sketchy, it’s being rumored it all began with a shouting match between Tahiry and Carlos Gonzales that turned violent quickly.

Tahiry was slated to walk the runway for Toure Designs and Gonzales was allegedly working with the reality star to prepare her for her appearance.

Tahiry addressed the rumors on her Instagram account and wrote the following:

Thank you ALL for your well wishes. I am both appreciative and grateful to have you on my team and call you #teamtahiry! I am sincerely touched by your outpouring of love. As you may or may not know, on Monday, Sept. 8, I was attacked, assaulted and violated, while in the workplace, by a man. I was beaten because I am woman with a voice and refuse to be disrespected. It is more proof that the violence against women is real and needs to be addressed publicly. The shaming and disrespecting of women/victims of violent abuses must stop. Violence against women must stop; a women’s voice and refusal to be disrespected is not grounds for physical abuse. #iamwoman #myvoicematters More to the point, I am home, healing and surrounded by love. Rest assured, I will continue all my efforts and endeavors with the same faith, determination, passion and spirit I have always possesed. Again, thank you! You are ALL heroes of mine! Love, Tahiry


  1. Ain’t this the same woman who sucker punched Consequence when he was fighting Joe Budden? So what’s her excuse for that?

    1. But what does that have to do with THIS? I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m just trying to understand the point of your comment.

      1. My point is Tahiry is trying to pretend she’s some victim but in the past she has assaulted a man FIRST. How do we know this wasn’t the case here too and the man wasn’t just defending himself from Tahiry. We have seen her be violent to men and women.

        1. If that’s what happened, why hasn’t he said so? Why hasn’t he filed a police report and why didn’t he also go to the hospital? I agree that Tahiry is violent, but there’s no proof she deserved or caused this. A man should never attack a woman.

  2. I like Tahiry but his people are saying she was the one who started the fight after he got her together with words. Either way, it’s just best for a man to walk away from a confrontation from a woman because it’s wrong to hit a woman.

  3. There’s got to be more to this story. Why would he be that stupid on the job? Wasn’t he an assistant to the designer or something? I’m not about to risk my damn job over no Tahiry.

  4. People are letting their tempers get them into some serious trouble. This man was wrong and his bad choices put Tahiry in the hospital. Whatever she did on the show has nothing to do with the assault.

  5. So, this makes me sad. This situation in addition to everything else. Idk what is going on in the world man, but geez. It’s not right to hit a woman and it isn’t right to hit a man. Period. No gender deserves more respect or consideration than the other. I’ll need more details on this situation before having a more detailed opinion/perspective….

    I could really use some happy news.

    1. I feel you on everything you said !! Here’s some happy news…we’re alive, it’s Friday, hopefully everyone has some money in their pocket, and for now at least, all is right in our little worlds!!!

  6. Someone who was apart of the event actually spoke out n said that the guy who attacked her already didn’t like her n that he had an attitude n that he was being disrespectful n that she said something to him for that matter n it went left after the bickering back n forth

  7. He was wrong for assualting her like that, and charges need to be pressed.

    BUT! Everyone is like “a manshould never hit a woman”…..so if a woman is constantly putting her hands on him someone wouldn’t get aggitated? Come on now. Regardless of gender someone should be allowed to defend themselves.

    I’m not saying this is the case in this
    situation or others, but yea.

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