Big Sean Disses Naya Rivera in New Track?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Big Sean and Naya Rivera ended their engagement months ago, and both have already moved on with new loves in their lives. Naya actually married a good friend since cutting ties with Big Sean, and Big Sean has been dating Pop tart Ariana Grande.

Despite moving on with Ariana, that hasn’t stopped the rapper from taking shots at his ex fiancée in a new track.

E! News reports:

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics so you can decide for yourself (note: this song contains language which may be offensive to some):

“I don’t give a f–k about you or anything that you do / I saw you got a new man I see you taking the pic / I see you post it up thinking that it’s making me sick / I see you calling up Imma answer that s–t like ‘I don’t f–k with you'”

Still not convinced?

Here’s more: “And every day I wake up celebrating s–t—why? / ‘Cause I just dodged a bullet from a crazy b-tch.”



Check out the track below:



In related news, Big Sean just signed to Roc Nation.


  1. Little Sean needs to really stop while he’s ahead. He’s in his second publicity relationship and this song sounds corny as hell.

  2. Sean pissed cause Ariana Grande ain’t giving him the exposure he wanted. Naya may’ve been crazy, but at least he was seen when he was messing with her. These thirsty a-s men though….

  3. Bye Sean he is the one that dropped the down chick and got with a Kim K clone. She wasn’t a crazy b-tch when she was dissing his ex-girlfriend whom had stood by him during his come up. A song that he was featured on by the way. She wasn’t a crazy b-tch when he was bragging about her in interviews and in songs. Let it go y’all played each other.

  4. There’s so much lameness with this dude. I don’t care how crazy he says Naya was, he was giddy to be with her up until the public stopped caring about their relationship. He’s going to have to stop dating people for relevance.

  5. Jay wrong for that….. but why does he feel the need to rap about his exes when he supposedly has moved on…..Ariana needs to pay attention cause she’ll be in a song next.

  6. So instead of trying to put out dope music and verses to get attention, this fool would rather jump in fake relationships and put out corny music. I don’t get it.

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