Teairra Mari Defends Behavior on LHHH

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” premiered last night, but Teairra Mari is already getting lots of backlash for her behavior on the new reality show.

In the show, Teairra refuses to move on from her past relationship with Ray J and she’s been clashing something serious with Ray’s current girlfriend Princess.

Just one episode into the show, both ladies almost came to blows over Ray J and they actually do fight in the upcoming episodes.

A lot of Teairra’s supporters think she should have passed on doing the show, but Teairra has no regrets.

She tweets (read tweets from top to bottom):

teairra mari twitter


  1. B-tch please! Your irrelevant a-s would fight a stool if it got you some exposure. You really think that we believe in that scripted mess Mona’s got you playing at? *rolls eyes*

    1. She ain’t along. Princess and little fizz’s baby mother are on the same level. These women are willing to fight, curse, and act like a fool on tv…….some (not all) black women love acting like a fool on TV.

  2. Teairra showed her a-s on the episode looking like a damn fool. All the storylines seemed forced. But y’all can we talk about all the hurt face women on LHH Hollywood all them chicks are hard to look at with the exception of Teairra but her attitude wipes that out. Soulja boy girl has Natalie Nunn chin sigh. How does Fizz and Omarion look better than all the women on the show.

    1. Teairra has that fat face syndrome though. She always looks bloated. I think Omarion’s girl is pretty. Everyone else is just ok.

    2. Lol. Gabriella; you are wrong for that question; ” How does Fizz and Omarion look better than all the women on the show”? Funny; but just plain wrong. I was trying to figure out why Nia Riley looked so familiar and now I know why; the Natalie Nunn chin.

  3. But how will acting a fool on this show help her non career? All her music is garbage and her attitude sucks. Even K Michelle had to humble herself to succeed. People think being on a reality show will save them but it’s much more to it than they realize.

  4. I actually appreciated her acting that way. I think it brings awareness to ladies how weak, stupid and embarrassing they look when they are stuck and go crazy for someone who has moved on.

  5. Maybe if T didn’t make music about not having a father in her life, she wouldn’t be forced to tap dance for Mona.

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