Chris Brown’s Album Projections Revealed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown just released his “X” album yesterday, and many suspected the album would struggle in sales because it was pushed back over ten times as a result of Chris’ continuous legal troubles.

However, Team Breezy should be delighted to know that their fave is projected to have a strong first week in sales.

Hot New Hip Hop via Hits Daily Double reports:

The long-delayed and much anticipated album is looking like it’ll move 120,000 copies opening week, which happens to be the same numbers Jeezy’s new album Seen It All did. It’s also in line with the numbers Chris Brown’s last album Fortune did– it moved 135,000 copies opening week and debuted at #1. It’s unclear if Breezy will get a #1 debut again, as Barbara Streisand’s new album is projected to move a similar amount of units. It’ll be a close race between the two singers.


  1. Since these are just projections, I’ll wait. It’s not that I don’t want him to do well, but I almost feel like his bad behavior is constantly rewarded with good album sales. He’ll never do better unless he feels it in his pocket, where it hurts most.

  2. Let’s see, August Alsina sold 197,607 in his first week, while Trey did 242,255. I’d say these numbers for Chris sound about right.

      1. Who cares? Chris still hasn’t gone platinum since that FAME album. What was that…2007? I mean if you want to get technical.

  3. Not bad. But it’s sad that selling 100,000 the first week is considered good now. Back in the day people sold millions the first week.

  4. If Chris can get these numbers as crazy as he is, why can’t the women do it besides Beyonce, Rihanna and Fantasia? That’s the real question.

  5. This is impressive considering how much trouble he’s always getting into and the fact that the album was pushed back so many times.

  6. Trouble has never had anything to do with album sales. Chris is talented and has a huge fanbase. His music appeals to the young generation and because the young generation is intrigued with the badboy image, he is in a win win situation. Unfortunately, that is society. You can bash all you want but he will sell.

    1. Chris hasn’t gone platinum since 2007. No need to be cocky, love. These are first week PROJECTIONS. It doesn’t mean the album will go platinum.

    2. Trouble has everything to do with his album sales. The Rihanna situation is why he will never go platinum again. Despite having all the talent he has, he will only be able to pull Trey Songz and August Alsina numbers and that’s sad. He was supposed to be the new MJ.

  7. Decent numbers, but people are forgetting that you generally sell more in the first week than any other week, and these numbers make me think he may struggle to go gold. I hope I’m wrong.

  8. I have the album and I was surprised! Its actually a decent album, didn’t have to skip but maybe 3 songs and thats out of 21 (deluxe version) but, um, I didn’t “buy” it…Sorry Chris

  9. I’ll listen to the album first. The one track I did hear featuring Kendrick definitely had my attention. But when it comes to Kendrick, I’m obviously biased lol.

  10. Not bad at all but he probably could have sold more if he didn’t throw a fit last month and unfollow all of Team Breezy on Twitter and Instagram.

  11. Damn! Times has definitely changed. I remember when artists use to sell between 300,000-400,000+ units their first week. No one is really buying music anymore. Then again who would with the crap that’s being played on radio these days.

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