K Michelle & Idris Elba?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle is usually not one to be shy about discussing her private life, especially when it comes to the men she’s loved and dated. The last time we heard anything about her love life she was dating former college basketball player Bobby Maze, and their romance was overshadowed by lots of baby mama drama.

But now some folks are more interested in where the singer stands with Idris Elba.

Both stars linked up professionally to create K Michelle’s VH1 musical (Idris actually directed it), but after her recent interview with The Breakfast Club, some are speculating they had more than a working relationship and possibly slept together.

Charlamagne was the one who probed K Michelle about Idris and the conversation pretty much went like this:

Charlamagne: Did you have sex with Idris Elba?


Charlamagne: Someone told me that.

K: No one told you that! (laughs)

Charlamagne: Yes they did! Someone said you were sleeping with Idris, you turned him out and he was like, we gotta do a musical together.

K: But yeah, I have this new single called ‘Love them All,’ and um-

Charlamagne: You ain’t answer the question though-

K: (hesitates) But I wanna talk about this single because Mary J. Blige is out there and it’s time to get to Mary. But everything is cool. Great person. Great actor. Great director.

Angela Yee: Great in bed?

K: Great person all around. Just a great person (blushes).


We’re thinking K Michelle kept it cute about Idris because he’s expected to marry his fiancée soon. Check out the video below. The Idris talk starts around the 23:00 mark.


  1. Stranger things have happened. Idris is fine as hell but he’s still a man. I wouldn’t put smashing K past him.

  2. LOL. I saw this and wondered the same thing. She was blushing so hard and if she didn’t sleep with him, she would have denied it with that big mouth of hers. I ain’t even mad though.

  3. I’ll be honest. The first time I heard he was directing her musical I wondered if they were messing around because it was just so random. LOL.

  4. Of course they slept together. Idris loves big bootied ratchets. He won’t wife them though after that last stripper lied to him about that baby being his.

  5. I undersand he’s handsome and all, but she really be thinking about the fact that he would rather sleep with her in secret than be seen on the red carpet with her.

  6. I’m not surprised. Anyone who stalks Idris like I do knows he has a thing for strippers and big a-ses. He may be settled down right now but I can’t say I believe he’s done sowing those wild oats.

  7. Well in 2 Weeks you all will know the nature of Idris & K. Michelle relationship, as she has said that the next song that she is releasing is about him. Yes I heard the song and it is juicy. Thank me later. LoL.

  8. THIS BISH!!!! I’m so mad…..I met him once and was pretty much flabbergasted…all I could do was tell him who he was and have him autograph a piece of paper (that’s lost in my apt somewhere) and I could tell he thought it was cute….fcuk I should’ve been a tramp/THOT and gave him my number/took his……till this day I still regret not being a GROUPIE 🙁 lmao

    1. Haha! I read about a woman once who totally embarrassed herself in front of him…forgot her name and spazzed for a hot second – who wouldn’t? Anyhoo, he hugged her anyway, and now she has the framed shirt hanging in her house. I swear to God, that man better be able to slang it like a pro, or I will be bitterly disappointed…with his fine a-s!!!!!

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