Oops: Chris Brown Gets Confused About His First Week Album Sales

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Many music enthusiasts thought Chris Brown would have low first week album sales with his latest album “X” and it’s mainly because the album’s released date was pushed back over ten times as a result of his constant legal problems.

However, projections for his first week sales were strong, and it was figured he would sell at least 120,000 albums in week one.

But now the final numbers have been released, and Chris actually exceeded projections and sold a total of 142,155 copies.

Congrats to Breezy.

Interestingly enough, Chris seems to be a little bit confused about his album sales. He tweets:

chris brown twitter



The Billboard Consumption chart simply measures how much an artist’s music has been streamed within a certain time period. It then adds that number with actual album sales and then projects what an album would have sold if the people who streamed the music actually purchased it.

Saving Country Music writes:

To put it simply, The Billboard Consumption Chart would be a combination of an album and a song chart. Instead of just considering physical album sales to gauge an album’s performance, the new chart would take song plays from streaming data and turn them into equivalent album sales. The idea is to bridge the gap between artists who receive a lot of streaming interaction but have marginal physical sales, and artists who have strong physical sales but don’t experience a lot of streaming activity. All indications are that Billboard hopes that this new Consumption Chart will become the industry standard for rating music.

Hits Daily Double writes:

The weekly chart will combine album and track sales with audio and video streams, assigning an equivalent-album value to each, as in the TEA metric, theoretically providing a more accurate and comprehensive representation of modern-day music consumption … Billboard’s album sales chart will remain in place, but most observers believe it will take on decreasing importance over time as the business acclimates itself to the new system … In some respects, the consumption chart will mirror the present sales charts in that sales and streaming tend to correlate, with certain exceptions … Overall, the most dramatic effect of the consumption chart will be to lengthen the tails of bona fide hits by measuring their aftermarket impact, potentially providing the labels with additional time in which to market these hits.


So Chris’ album did not already go gold, but it could have done so if the streamers actually purchased his music.

“X” is the number two album in the country after Barbara Streisand’s new album.


  1. As long as he been doing music, he should have known he didn’t go gold based off some made up streaming chart. Was he high when he wrote this?

  2. This happens a lot though. Some of these artists are real quick to listen to their fans (who don’t know ish about the music industry) and they believe the hype. The same thing happened to Tamar. Her fans told her she went platinum and she tweeted it like an idiot before someone in her camp had to give her the education.

  3. LMBO. I’m sorry this is hilarious to me. Regardless, he still did well so I’m not sure why he even tweeted this. It’s like he’s ashamed of the real numbers.

  4. His first week sales are good. Most R&B singers can’t even get 100k in the first week and he’s exceeded that regardless of the album being pushed back many times. He should be proud of his real numbers.

  5. Wow. Well he did good anyway. I just hope someone lets him know he’s not gold yet but he will be soon if the momentum continues.

  6. I’m so tired of people dragging Chris through the mud. For one, were you there when the Chris and Rihanna “incident” supposedly happened? No. All people are quick to jump on and believe the media when all it does is perpetrate lies! Let stuff go. Then, ya’ll are behind Ri ,but as soon as something comes out about her she’s trash underneath ya’lls feet. Don’t get it twisted. I just think its pathetic how people have so much to say about Chris who has talent but turn a blind eye to their non-singing, non-dancing, slut idol. But whatever ���

    1. You’re pathetic. What more proof do you need that Chris assaulted Rihanna? He was arrested, the photos were released and he’s on probation for it. Women like you who go out their way to tear down victims and make excuses for abusers are disgusting. And you can slut shame Rihanna all you want, it won’t change the fact that Chris will never have her success.

      1. Don’t even waste your keystrokes. Chris did Rihanna wrong and he’s been paying for it. His fans know this but they like to act dumb. Well maybe they aren’t acting. LOL.

    2. The pics of her face, and his pleading guilty make it fact, not “supposedly”! Maybe if he bashed you in your muthaf-cking face, you’d be singing another tune? But something tells me you might be one of those women who would think you deserved it.

    3. Blankity Black Wonan, your name on here is fitting considering the place where your brain is supposed to be is blank.

  7. Did your simple self really put incident in quotations like there’s not concrete evidence that Chris whooped Rihanna’s a-s that night? Girl stop.

    Your fave is a flop and a woman beater. Deal with it.

    1. lol, chile please! Do you really think I give a flying rat’s a– that you don’t like my comment? And for one, I am not one to be labeled simple hun. Like I said, “incident”. The media and music industry could tell you anything and you’d hop on it. Regardless of sales he has more talent than your illuminati princess and I’ll stand by that. So continue to be brainwashed b the world and media and suck my nuts. Bye !

      1. Yawn. Actually, the police report and Rihanna’s battered face told me what I needed to know, simpleton. And you have bigger balls than Chris’ flop, woman beating a-s because no real man puts his hands on women. That’s what punks do. But tell him to enjoy his imaginary album sales. Rih’s good.

        1. “Rih’s good”. I just chuckled. You act as if you’re her mom or something. But anyway suck my nuts. Have a great day. Everybody who doesn’t like it doesn’t have to.

          1. You’re going to have to come harder than these musty clap backs. I don’t care about your balls nitwit. They aren’t enough to make you look less idiotic on here. Work on your wit so you can at least clap back with some dignity. And yes, Rih is good. Her album sales, endorsements, and tour revenue back up my claims. Chris hasn’t went platinum since 2007 and your clap backs are stuck in 2000. Stay mad and keep your nuts tucked, tucker.

  8. What is up wit these artists….and not taking their time to think and research THEMSELVES b4 writing shyt on social media……smh but I do think its cute how he is puttin that positive energy out there tryin to type good shyt into existence but me personally just to not look like an azz I wouldn’t be saying nothing till the actual and factual #’s come out

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