Kendrick Lamar Calls out the Media

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Compton emcee Kendrick Lamar is set to drop a new studio album soon, and while we all await the new album, he’s already released a new song entitled “I” and he’s doing press rounds.

In his latest interview with Big Boy of Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Kendrick addressed the controversy around his “Control” verse and he actually blames the media for why things temporarily went sour with Drake.

He says:

“It’s all love. From the moment I did the verse to after the verse. I think Hip Hop is a sport, so you gonna have these little spits and spats. And it’s all good because personally I respect these dudes as people. You know what I mean? Outside of that it’s really nothing. I respect their music, for sure. I respect them as individuals and creators. And I think what the media tried to do is insane because they take these black, young brothers and really try to clash it and make—Bump heads. And that’s not right. That’s how I look at it. I think it’s not right. And I think that’s why it’s great to really show people how we support one another. Because Hip Hop was something that wasn’t supposed to be here for this long.”

In related news, you can listen to Kendrick’s new track “I” below:


  1. He can’t blame the media for hyping up that verse. He took shots at other rappers. Of course that would make headlines.

  2. K Dot don’t blame the media boo. You went off and the verse was well worth the buzz it got. I’m just glad Drake finally got over it.

  3. I love me some K.Dot but I disagree the only one that took the control verse personal was Drake sensitive a-s if I’m not mistaken everybody else was cool and giving him his props. The media is going to be the media simple as that.

  4. Drucilla is always up in his feelings anyway, so he would’ve been salty regardless. But Kendrick can’t hide his hands in this either, he needs to own the part he played and move on.

    1. I’m right here with you. I tweeted the same thing about a year ago.(inserts schmoney dance). Yes, he definitely has a sexy voice.

  5. I mean, overall my boo has a point but not as it pertains to his verse. Was it controversial? Meh. I don’t think so. But it was definitely worth all the buzz it got. Drake took it personal because he’s sensitive…the media had nothing to do with that. As for the track….since he can do no wrong in my eyes, I’ll just keep listening to it until I like it lol. That’s bae.

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