Chris Brown Confirms He’s Still Messing Around with Rihanna?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown is excited that his latest album “X” had a strong first week in album sales and he currently has the number two album in the country. The R&B singer is still going hard with his press rounds and he’s not shying away from opening up about his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in his interviews, despite still going strong with Karrueche Tran.

When asked where he stands with Rihanna today, Chrihanna fans believe his comments are his way of seemingly confirming they are still messing around.

He tells Entertainment Tonight:

“We’re friends. Nothing too serious… We’re not trying to start a life together right now, we’re just having fun.”

Chris then admits he’s tired of everyone thinking all of his songs are about Rihanna, but he’s cool with it if it will help his album sales:

“I think that’s just the fans’ perception or the media’s perception at all times because of our history. But whenever we do music, people can make the assumption and that’s fine because if they buy more because they think that, then go ahead and buy a thousand copies!”

Check out the video below:


  1. For some reason, I really don’t think Rihanna pays him any attention. He just knows talking about her will get him publicity.

  2. Chris and Karrueche always use Rihanna’s name when they have something to promote. That’s how pathetic they are.

  3. I hate to have to admit it but the navy was right it never fails every time Chris has an album or something to promote he starts name dropping Rihanna. I really don’t care if people are asking him he can politely decline and say he doesn’t want to speak about her. This is truly pathetic smh I’m embarrassed for him.

  4. *blank stare* & ole girl wonders why she’s steady dragged. He clearly doesn’t respect her or their relationship. Pssh!

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