Cold: Wiz Khalifa Shades Amber Rose?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose shocked a lot of folks when she filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa just a little over a year after they tied the knot, and there’s been multiple rumors suggesting the couple is over because of cheating.

While Amber was rumored to have a budding romance with Nick Cannon, she shut down the rumors on her Twitter account and actually revealed that Wiz was actually the one who cheated.

The couple split on Monday, and interestingly enough this is what Wiz tweeted that day:



Amber is telling folks that Wiz really doesn’t seem to care that their marriage is over and he seems to be making that very clear in the Vine video.


      1. I had an ex who would smoke all day. I mean before work he smoked, after work he smoked, after dinner he smoked and before he went to sleep he smoked! All he wanted to do was chill all the time and never really wanted to go out and do things. I was so glad to dump him. Never again.

  1. Well he obviously doesn’t really care that his marriage is over so hopefully this is confirmation for Amber to move forward.

  2. He’s a Virgo man. Once they are done with you, they are some of the coldest bastards you’ll ever meet. Now I can see why Amber went ahead and filed those papers. There’s no saving this.

  3. He should have never gotten married. He’s not mature enough for it. What grown man videos himself jumping on a trampoline the same day his wife leaves him?

  4. Maybe I’m not understanding but what exactly is he doing wrong? He’s not saying anything negative about her or their situation. He’s seemingly being very positive. He was the one who was left and it’s not even clear if he did anything wrong or not. What exactly is the issue? We cannot tell what his thoughts are based on 7 seconds and a few characters. Should he be crying and gnashing his teeth because someone doesn’t want him anymore?

    1. I think there’s a difference between being positive and being nonchalant. This video doesn’t really give off a “positive” vibe more than it does a carefree or CARELESS one. I can see how one would try to spin this, but considering the timing?? It was a poor choice on his part. You lose your family and are jumping on a trampoline smiling. I don’t see the positivity in that. Seems like a big “f**k you” to me…

      1. OK, I’ll grant that timing may have been poor. It’s not my desire to ‘defend’ Wiz. I’m rather ambivalent about them both. I commented before reading more about the situation via other sources. There is so much that I don’t know that any comment seems to be premature.

  5. You can tell by this video he’s over Amber and probably more interested in whoever he’s been creeping with. I didn’t realize how cold Wiz was. He seemed like a nice and laid back dude. But he’s passive aggressive as hell.

  6. It would have been best if he didn’t release this considering the timing. And I say that as a man who is trying to remain unbiased about this. But women are really sensitive and Amber would easily take him posting this to mean he doesn’t really care that she left him. I’m guessing he’s just really young and clueless about women. Maybe he’ll mature one day…eh maybe not.

    1. *standing ovation* It’s refreshing to see a man who can try to understand where Amber is coming from and not sit up here and defend Wiz all day. Some of the comments I’m seeing about Amber from men are depressing. He cheated, but Amber is the one being called a whore. SMH.

      1. Let’s talk about how a lot of men are mad at her for leaving saying she should forgive him because cheating is just what they do. Ugh!!!!!

      2. Wait, what? There is evidence that he cheated on her? Hmmmmm… If that’s true then this is unacceptable.

    2. But Wiz is 27. He’s old enough to know better and understand how this could have been perceived. Especially by the media and Amber. He needs to grow up.

  7. As much as I clown Nick Cannon, at least he didn’t put up some random video of himself being carefree when him and Mariah split up. I don’t understand Wiz.

  8. I’m just waiting for it to be confirmed that he got some bird pregnant. Wiz has been cheating on Amber for a very long time, but now she leaves? Nah. He got someone pregnant.

  9. I’m not sure I could be all happy and goofy if I was getting a divorce. But then again Wiz is a weedhead who really doesn’t care about much.

    1. He’s always been like that though. Nothing gets under his skin and he’s very nonchalant about everything. Amber seems to be a sensitive person so she probably never should have married someone like Wiz.

  10. Is this even the time to be on Twitter and IG though? Both of them need to log off of social media and reflect on some things.

  11. Did he actually cheat on her?
    She said that he cheated on her.
    He said that she cheated on him.

    People, men and women, lie when they are hurt and they definitely lie during a divorce.

    The reason that she stated for the divorce wasn’t infidelity but irreconcilable differences.

    Essentially she’s saying that she filed for divorce from him because she ‘thinks’ that he was having an affair.

  12. I don’t blame her for filing for divorce. Dude is loosing his family but gives no care in the world. She deserves better. Nick Cannon might be a little corny at times but him and Amber would actually make a cute couple.
    Amber is a nice person, even Kanye admitted that in front of his fans. I wish her much love and peace.

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