Iggy Azalea Claps Back at Rah Digga

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Iggy Azalea has found chart success, but the female rapper can’t really get most Hip Hop lovers to give her props on her surging music career. Instead, Iggy is being called out by some of her own peers and dragged on social media because her critics feel she’s inauthentic.

The other day former Flip Mode Squad female rapper Rah Digga called out Iggy and said she feels Iggy is getting a lot of passes while others aren’t so fortunate.

Well Iggy took to her Twitter account to respond and she tweets the following (read tweets from bottom to top):

iggy azalea twitter

Iggy also expressed her disappointment in other female rappers coming for her (read tweets from top to bottom):

iggy twitter 2

iggy twitter 3

iggy twitter 4


  1. Well for 1 Iggy’s lyrics ain’t poppin so idk why people don’t think SHE wrote that shyt lol….I just like the beats to her songs and shake my azz that’s it….she collects checks that’s ok my money isn’t helpin to make that happen so…..carry on

  2. And again I say, she’s done nothing to disrespect “the culture”. Doesn’t go around saying she’s this or that, just seems to be a white girl doing rap music. I’ll bug out when she becomes disrespectful but she hasn’t. Leave this white woman alone….lol

  3. B-tch please! The mere fact that you don’t even know if you’re rap or pop speaks volumes. If you don’t even know what you represent, or who you are, we the public reserve the right to clown your fake a-s (pun intended) all day, every day! FOH!

  4. You can tell Iggy hasn’t really studied Hip Hop, she studied just enough to copy a down south accent. Rappers challenge and call each other out all the time. But because she’s some precious white snowflake, she needs to be saved and a victim all the time. A real emcee would just jump on a track and shut down their critics.

  5. At the end of the day your 2 cents nor mine is stopping any of Iggy’s coins and that’s #fact mainstream America loves this chick and we know this bc they are who buys her music so whether she writes or not, authentic or not, fake or not they will determine how far she goes because it’s about buying power and 9 times out of 10 a majority of the hip hop community would rather bootleg music than buy it. So when mainstream America is done with Iggy then you may see her star fade a bit til then she will keep collecting her coins. Don’t like it then don’t listen #simple.

    1. Iggy hasn’t even gone gold yet and won’t. So mainstream isn’t buying her stuff either. And you’re talking like Iggy is on the FORBES list, no wait that’s Nicki and she’s the one us non relevant Hip Hop fans are supporting. Oh the irony. You tried though.

  6. Lol. Iggy only got that publishing deal so early on because she’s white. I’m confused. Are these tweets supposed to be helping her case or nah?

  7. Too bad there isn’t anymore shows that are strictly for rap/hip-hop…..cause a lot of these so called emcees couldn’t get in the booth & rap over any beat…..& of course everybody that’s in the studio with her will say she writes her lyrics cause they are on somebody’s payroll.

  8. U knw folks r confusing y’all comin at this chick like she a threat…..white society biggin her up. Motherfckers in hip hop keep her name in their mouths…4 what???? People MAKIN her more important than wat she is. People statin she isn’t writin her own lyrics…..like the shyt she is spitting is FIRE!!!! Lmao u knw how confusin that is???? Stuff like that will Neva make this chick come harder….

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