Australian Boy Band Puts Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran on Blast + Karrueche’s Career Takes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown confirmed days ago that he is still very much in a romantic relationship with Karrueche Tran, and the couple’s rocky relationship has been very much documented in the media and gossip blogs.

While some are confused as to why Chris is still candidly discussing his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in interviews while dating Karrueche, it probably doesn’t help things that an Australian boy band thought now was a good time to discuss witnessing Chris and Karrueche have a blowup while they toured with the singer in 2011 for his F.A.M.E. tour.

Justice Crew tells the Daily Mail Australia:

“I remember seeing Chris Brown having a little domestic with his girlfriend backstage and I walked past and she was in tears.”


When the publication asked them who the girlfriend was at the time, the band answers:

“The stylist, the one after Rihanna, I remember seeing them arguing, like real close and she was crying…I was like ohhh domestics!”



In related news, Karrueche revealed on Twitter recently that she was casted for web series “The Bay The Series.” Karrueche will also star in an upcoming Horror series for TV One entitled “The Fright Night Files” which is set to premiere next month.


  1. Chris embarrassing Karrueche and making her cry isn’t some new thing. It’s 98% of their entire “relationship.”

    1. Exactly. And she doesn’t mind it because being with Chris is what is getting her the bootleg opportunities she keeps getting.

  2. Well I hope Karruche is taking acting classes because as horrible as she was on 106 & Park, I just shudder at the thought of her trying to act.

  3. I’ll never forget that picture of K sitting in the front seat while Chris was in the backseat getting fresh with like three other girls. You could tell K wanted to break down crying from embarrassment. But she stuck around so she could get Chris’ connections and now she’s doing just that.

  4. You know what I wish Karreuche luck with her acting career. I doubt she wants to be Chris’s doormat forever. The minute she makes it big, she will dump him. Everybody who has common sense can see that.

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