Ciara Has an Embarrassing Moment at Paris Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks like Kimye aren’t the only ones who had a rather embarrassing moment at Paris Fashion Week. According to multiple reports, R&B singer Ciara was accidentally mistaken for Rihanna during Paris Fashion Week, and when the paparazzi realized she wasn’t Rihanna, they began to boo her because she wasn’t the “Diamonds” singer.

MStars writes:

So she recently attended the Lanvin Fashion Show in Paris. At the venue, several photogs started yelling “Rihanna” in order to get CiCi’s attention.

That’s right – they thought the “Like A Boy” crooner was actually Drake’s ex!

Ciara was probably not amused, so she simply walked away without saying anything.


    1. I used to but now I see that she puts herself in losing situations most of the time. She can save herself if she wants to but refuses to do it. Body Party was a hit. But she didn’t even take advantage of that. I can go on about the many times Ciara has played herself.

      1. I know you’re a Kim stan but what I said was the truth. Ciara clicked up with Kim for relevancy, and she’s still getting confused for Rihanna.

  1. Sorry, I don’t feel bad for her. When she had Future’s attention for those five minutes she was shading Rih for being single. And now she has no man AND no career. Not to mention my fave continues to have more success while she can’t even go gold.

    1. LOL, no she’s not. She’s passive aggressive and sneaky with her messiness. She started the beef with Rih but because she’s so low-key with her ways, people thought Rihanna started it.

  2. Man, karma for all the sh-t she did is really biting her in the a-s right now. It doesn’t pay to do dirty to others, for real!

  3. I agree with Chelly. Ciara brings these losses on herself. She started with Rihanna and threw her relationship with Future in Rihanna’s face and karma came right back around and humbled her. She thought she had one up on Rihanna and in the end she can’t even go to Paris without people reminding her that Rihanna is the star. Ouch.

    1. I feel the same way. And technically, she has been modeling (per her IG account), but they still don’t know her…which surprises me considering how into fashion she is and her connections to various designers.

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