Kimye Gets Slammed by Fashion Insiders?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kimye recently got booed at Paris Fashion week because they reportedly held up a fashion show with their very late entrance, and now some fashion insiders are claiming that many in the industry are absolutely fed up with the couple.

Page Six writes:

“People are so mad about Kimye being here,” sniffed a fashion insider, adding that Paris regulars are “fatigued with the whole family.” (Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner walked in Balmain’s Paris show, and momager Kris is also in town.)

Another insider was overheard on Thursday in Paris complaining that the ubiquitous Kim and Kanye have been a fashion headache. A pro shot back, “No, you mean a fashion [chronic fatigue].”

A source explained the frustration: “They hold up shows and they draw paparazzi wherever they go. They’re seen here as the ultimate try-hards. It was funny when they were a novelty.”



We can’t confirm this, so we’re labeling it as gossip for now.


  1. They really need to hibernate for a few years and fade into complete obscurity. They stay losing when it comes to stuff like this.

  2. Well just like I said earlier, to be a power couple you have to be liked. That’s what Kim and Kanye don’t understand. They are popular because people don’t like them and people enjoy making fun of them. They’re mistaking popularity for praise, and you can have one without the other. When it’s all said and done Kanye will be one of the biggest jokes in music. He lost his credibility the day he hooked up with Kim.

    1. They have subscribed to the Kardashian school of fame. They think the more controversial they are, the more famous they will be. Likability has never been important to them. They won’t worry until people stop talking about them.

      1. that’s a lie oh they definitely want to be liked. beyond desperately they want to be liked and it’s beyond a turn off.

  3. The hilarious thing is Kim still calls and hires the paps and people can see she tries too hard. There were real A list celebs there at Fashion Week and they didn’t have thousands of paps following them around like Kim and Kanye did. They are try hards and nobody likes a try hard.

  4. As soon as Kanye secured Kim that flop Vogue cover, I knew Kim’s false sense of importance would only get worse. Now she really believes she’s a legitimate celebrity and Kanye ain’t helping that huge ego of hers. These two will lose their minds if the public ever stops paying attention to them.

  5. If legitimate fashion houses like Balmain would refuse to let her squeeze her fat a-s in their clothes, it would help. Instead they whore themselves out to Kim and Kanye for the publicity. It’s telling when you’re so loathed that the French police can’t even be bothered to investigate the fact you were attacked by that crazy guy!

  6. I also think it’s disgusting that Kim and Kanye brought their baby to a fashion show. It’s always very loud at fashion shows, and the constant flashing of cameras may be too much for a one year old. And in many pictures you can see Nori is fussy and unhappy about being there. Yet Kim paid her no mind and ignored her cries so she could take her frozen faced pictures and Kanye just looked out of it too like someone sucked the soul out of his body.

  7. Isn’t this the whole idea why they pay her a lot of money to sit at the front? .The designer get free publicity .One pix go all over the world. The story is bull.

    1. It’s only “bull” because you like Kim simpleton. You think them being liked by one designer means they are liked by all? By the way, one of Kimye’s bodyguards pushed a fashion editor out the way as well at another show. So what makes you think people aren’t fed up with them? Kim isn’t all that. And that is why her Vogue cover flopped. You need to stan for people with actual talent.

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