Soulja Boy Gets Messy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Soulja Boy and Diamond back together and is his relationship with Nia Riley just for TV? Soulja Boy made headlines recently after he sparked a rather messy Twitter beef with former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star K Michelle, but others are thinking the rapper is messy because he’s actually appearing on two different reality shows with two different women at the same time.

On “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” he’s dating and even living with his “girlfriend” Nia Riley, and on “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” he’s flirting around and canoodling with his ex-girlfriend Diamond so much that some were suspecting they would get back together.

The whole situation has confused fans of both shows and the timeline Nia gives about their romance isn’t helping things. And now some are even wondering if both relationships have been fabricated for TV. But instead of clearing up the confusion, Soulja Boy appears to be proud to be booed up on both shows.

He retweets:

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    1. It seems real forced. Like neither are even attracted to each other. It’s bad acting and the show is dragging. I don’t even care about Ray J and his messiness. Mona struck gold in ATL but she won’t be able to do the same with any of her other shows. It’s like she fails to accept that.

  1. I never heard of him dating Nia until now. So I can see why people are giving it the side eye because she said it’s been on and off for like 9 years yet there’s no receipts or pictures that back that up. But we knew he was with Diamond. But a lot of things are fake on these shows, so I can’t act like what they are doing is new.

  2. Yeah I was wondering how he’s on two shows at the same time pretending to be into both. But I guess when you need the money, you can multitask fake lives for fake reality shows.

  3. Soulja Boy is on Sisterhood of Hip Hop? I haven’t watched that show but his relationship with Nia seems awkward and fake. But both Diamond and Nia are wack for having Soulja Boy as their love interest can’t be that desperate.

  4. Speaking of LHHH, it needs to get interesting because I don’t know if I can keep watching. Fizz’s situation is interesting but they don’t spend enough time on it.

  5. Meh, I kind of figured his whole thing with Nia was manufactured for the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just doing Diamond a favor and pretending to be interested in her again too. A lot of these people are so desperate for story lines that they will hire people they know to pretend along with them. That’s what Bow Wow and Erica Mena are doing.

  6. Even Diamond’s management can’t stand his wack a-s, and warned her to stay away. But she won’t be satisfied til she let’s this little wannabe thug ruin it it for her…some women are so damn stupid!

  7. He’s stupid. I don’t watch either show, but I’m sure Mona won’t like the idea of this messing with the script she’s created. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s brought back next season; if there is a next season.

  8. Never the judge or a juror. The reality show explosion has become O.D.D….in some cases (obviously, detestable, dysfunction) orchestrated nonsense to feed the desires of a populations hidden pleasures, or pains… a word…. lusbulnanigans, not all shows,… most. People like to watch the degradation of,or in…other peoples lives, to root for them ,or against them ….as they end friendships, marriages,and family bonds, displaying this foul, at times conjured up behavior (blacks,whites,Hispanics)all on board to expose their lives for a fee, some people present a good look,most don’t,..BUT.., this one fact remains the same…………… the choice to watch is mine,yours. Grace and Peace in the name of Jesus Christ to everyone.Amen

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