Rah Digga Responds to Iggy Azalea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last week Rah Digga’s comments on Iggy Azalea went viral and became headlines news and her opinion actually sparked debates in the Hip Hop community regarding Iggy’s rise to stardom.

Iggy eventually responded to Rah’s comments, and Iggy revealed that she feels that other female rappers shouldn’t come for her and they should be more supportive of her music career.

But now Rah is responding, and she now reveals she’s a bit annoyed her comments became headline news, but she feels she has every right to speak on the state of Hip Hop.

She tweets (read tweets from top to bottom):

rah digga twitter

rah digga twitter 2

rah digga twitter 3

rah digga twitter 4


  1. I’m laughing at her saying she wasn’t going to get gully because Iggy’s response wasn’t an invite to battle. LOL.

  2. A school for Hip Hop huh? LOL. Oh lawd, it’s not even about supporting a school it’s about music, it’s about lyrics, it’s about moving the crowd. Wish Rah just came out and said, I don’t think she’s nice like that. Then it would be taken as MCing, this came off as jealousy.

    1. Why does Rah need to be jealous of Iggy? If that was the case, wouldn’t she be jealous of Nicki since Nicki is actually more successful and Iggy’s success is just fluff? Iggy has one album that flopped and didn’t even go gold. Nicki has multiple platinum albums and hit singles. She’s on Forbes list constantly for her earnings and business decisions. Iggy hasn’t achieved that much besides a couple of hit singles. I just find it interesting how y’all keep trying to make everyone who sees through Iggy as jealous when the receipts aren’t there.

    2. People like you have ruined Hip Hop. You think being called out is some new thing that only Iggy has endured? All the greats have been called out by other emcees, and what did they do? They hopped on the mic and battled like a real emcee is supposed to do. Even Nicki clapped back at Kim on wax. Iggy cries on Twitter and plays the victim role because she’s a culture vulture who keeps getting passes because she’s the complexion for the protection. She’s a joke and I’m tired of the excuses y’all make for her.

  3. Iggy can’t come for Rah since she’s not even in the same league lyrically, or musically…so that’s moot! Love that Rah kept it classy and still made Iggy look weak.

  4. all these women need to shut up and do a song together instead of throwing words nuff said. Make history instead of arguing about whose real whose not, who has bars who has ghost writers, this is stupid.

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