Usher’s Tour Already in Shambles?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Usher recently announced he is heading on yet another world tour, and the timing makes sense considering he will be dropping a new studio album pretty soon. However, now there are rumors suggesting the tour is already in struggle mode because tickets aren’t selling fast enough.

It also doesn’t help that his opening act, August Alsina, was hospitalized for a week due to a severe case of dehydration.

Page Six reports:

Music insiders tell us that most venues on the 27-city tour have been selling only a fraction of the available seats.

They estimate sales are so soft that promoter Live Nation may lose $5 million on the project.

“Usher’s sales will be fine in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto, but he’s selling so badly in other markets that the good ones can’t offset the bad ones,” said one source.

One reason might be the lack of a strong opening act — August Alsina was to open, but recently collapsed during a performance and was hospitalized for a week.



The publication also claims Usher has even pushed back his album’s release date (it was supposed to drop this fall).

Now this report should be taken with a grain of salt considering the same was said about Beyonce and Jay Z’s “on The Run” tour and that tour ended up being the second most successful tour of the year behind popular boy bad One Direction.


  1. I think young people aren’t feeling Usher’s new music and it may make them not want to see the tour. But I actually like his new sound but I can see it may not be ratchet enough for these youngsters.

  2. Yea I can’t believe anything they say when these are the idiots that claimed Beyonce and Jay’s tour was doing bad which was a obvious lie.

  3. Usher is in a hard place like anyone else his age. It’s like he has to sell out to sell music and he doesn’t want to.

  4. I’ll wait till you post the receipts before I comment UB! These folks lied before, so their integrity is shot as far as I’m concerned.

  5. I kind of wish he would have gotten Chris instead of August for opening but Chris is already touring with Trey so I guess it makes sense. Chris and Usher would make a great tour.

    1. Me too! Tickets already purchased. Atlanta wasn’t on the list of cities he’s expected to do well in, but I’m sure it’ll be one of them.

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