Kendall Jenner & Chris Brown Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you weeks ago that many were a little bit confused as to why Kendall Jenner was spotted in Chris Brown’s car when he allegedly got into a car accident a few weeks ago, and some suspected a budding romance was going down between them. Since the spotting, Chris has rekindled his romance with Karrueche Tran, but now the latest gossip suggests Kendall is reportedly eyeing Chris as a potential love interest regardless of Karrueche being back in his life.

Kardashian affiliate site US Weekly writes:

Kendall, 18, partied with Chris Brown the weekend of MTV’s Video Music Awards. The supermodel, who just finished walking in New York and Paris Fashion Week shows, went back to Brown’s place on Aug. 25. “They hung out with friends until 5 a.m.,” a source close to Kendall tells Us.

Brown, 25, however is back on with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran. (The tumultuous couple were on a break the weekend of the VMAs.) Still, a second source tells Us that Kendall is still holding out hope. “She’s obsessed with Chris!” the insider says. The “Forever” hit maker — whose most famous ex, of course, remains Rihanna — “thinks she’s really cute.”



This report comes out amid rumors suggesting Chris’ close friend Tyga is allegedly dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.


  1. Chris would be stupid to even give this attention whore the time of day. All they do is ruin people after they sink their claws into them. And Kanye thought he could “fix” Kim but she’s hurt his image more than the Taylor Swift thing did.

  2. And once again these women never even attempt to pull these same stunts on white men. They know who to do this too. I wish these black men would wake up and see those people for who they really are. Users who mean them no good.

    1. Exactly. It’s a shame some people still don’t get that though. Kim and them don’t have friends nor do I think they ever love the people they date/marry. It’s just about keep those 5 minutes going to them.

  3. Kris probably told Kendall she needs to get herself a man quickly so she can have another way to stay in the media every single day. That’s why Kim is never single.

  4. I see what they Kardashians are doing. They are planting their little bait seeds so Chris will know Kendall is interested. Will he be smart enough to not fall for it? Well that remains to be seen. I find it interesting he was rolling hard with Kendall the last time him and Kae were broken up.

  5. I just don’t understand how they can still find anyone willing to date them or be seen with them in public with their track record of ruining people. But I guess it’s easy when a lot of these black celebs have low self esteem and are dumb as hell.

  6. And this is why I have so much respect for Bey and Jay. No I don’t care for either that much or like their music, but they were smart enough to keep the Kardashians far away from them and their marriage. They know better and that is why they are excelling and not caught up in the shenanigans. I wish Kanye would wake up. But he’s now one of them.

  7. They probably slept together. Anyway, I hope he never gets with anyone in the family. He has enough problems as it is.

  8. Yeah I am sure he gave her the D…..damn does Kris have no shame???? She is sooooo not a mom. And when will these bishes wake up from this dreamland they are living wit inside their heads that u need to get ur own hustle….stop chasing down famous black men lettin them beat down ur c–chie walls just so u can stay relevant in the tabloids…’s so sad…

  9. Let’s keep it 100 though. Chris most likely smashed Kendall already. Those girls don’t hang around for no reason. Kapn Krunch better pay attention. Kendall could have Chris by next week if she really wanted to. He ain’t the smartest. If he was he wouldn’t be cool with those girls now.

  10. Ok so this family LITERALLY makes me sick to my stomach. Like, even if there is no truth to the rumors, the fact that they pretty much thrive off of lies is sickening to me. It’s obvious all they want is attention. And I’m so ticked that if even for a moment, people gave it to them. The KUWTK series… the buzz behind the sex tape. All of it. I just wish they would all go away 🙁 You canNOT make a legitimate come up while on your knees or your back… Idiots.

  11. Im coming out of lurk mode on this one. Chris, Imma talk to you like you momma. Keep yo a$$ from over them Kardashian’s house you hear me. Mess around and they fall on your penis and you fall in lust. You just getting yo self together. Just look at Lamar, Kris and the other ran thru men and run.

  12. I’m not even surprised. They don’t hang around anyone they can’t use. Just be smart Chris and don’t do it.

  13. He is just determined to make people not like him even more isn’t he?? Don’t do it Chris, that family is career suicide!!

  14. Is it just me, or is it that you never hear about Kourtney being with this person or that person? But them other sisters, boy they always have they eye on someone.

    1. Kourtney is as close to normal as that family is going to get. She’s raising her children like an intelligent person while Kim sees North as a prop.

  15. i feel like Kim is a attention whore who doesn’t care about the people that comes in and out of her life she just uses them to get to the next level in what she calls her so called career. Kendall is just a spoiled a-s brat who ain’t really sh-t but a tall a-s lump on a log baby girl isn’t even a real model baby boo just because you walk in one fashion show that does not make you a model over night i just wish tyga and Chris would open there eyes on what is happening in the media they’re just using their names to get their 15 mins of fame off off them that’s all i really have to say *flips Weave & & Sips My Tea* Moving On To Something More Interesting

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