Wiz Khalifa Has No Shame

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you a week ago that it really seemed like rapper Wiz Khalifa wasn’t mourning the end of his marriage to Amber Rose if his social media behavior was any indication, and now it appears he’s also not concerned about the new report claiming he allegedly cheated on Amber with twins.

A day or so before Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg claimed Wiz cheating with twins is what allegedly made Amber file for divorce, Wiz actually posted the following photo to his Instagram account:

wiz messy

While it seems innocent, the posting is actually a photo of one of the twins Wiz allegedly cheated on Amber with. Here’s the original:

messy twins

Spotted at Fameolous


    1. He’s an a-shole. I guess he just did a good job of hiding that though but now his true colors are coming out.

    2. Immaturity. This goes to show you he had no business ever getting married. He’s not mature enough for it.

  1. It’s always weird to see someone so proud of their immaturity and bad decisions. Amber did the right thing by filing for divorce. There’s no saving this.

  2. If there was any doubt that Wiz is an immature little boy, playing at being a man, his behavior these past couple weeks have put those to rest. SMH!

  3. A year ago you could not have convinced me Wiz would dog Amber out like this. Yeah I know he’s a rapper and most of them are like this, but he really did act like he loved her. I guess he never did.

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