Don’t Call Karrueche Tran a Side Chick

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrueche Tran is pretty used to criticism and her mentions on Twitter and Instagram are nasty on a daily basis. However, she did admit in multiple interviews that the negativity can be draining at times and recently she’s started clapping back on social media.

One thing Karrueche loathes more than anything else is when people refer to her as Chris Brown’s side chick, so it’s no surprise her most recent clap back is in response to once again being called a side chick on Twitter.

Read tweets from top to bottom:

karrueche tweet


  1. She’s obviously fed up with people talking crazy to her all the time. I wish people would leave her alone. She’s not bothering anyone.

  2. I don’t think she is a side chick but she is the rebound chick that’s for sure. I do think she is a very delusional and stupid chick.

  3. But when was she a side chick? I’m still not understanding where that’s coming from? Are they talking about when he was with Rihanna because Chris said himself he was dating both at the same time. #shrugs

  4. She’s feeling real big and bad on Twitter now. I told y’all she’s not innocent. This broad was never a victim.

  5. I don’t get this whole side chick situation. Rihanna had a restraining order ON THE MAN… so he started dating Karrueche (she was his official girlfriend). Rihanna came back into the picture, he got confused and broke it off with Karrueche so he could be with both of them. He tried to make it work with Rihanna. It didn’t he got back with Kae and they been together ever since. The man publicly claims her, puts her up as his WCW on his IG, talks about having babies with her… what part of that makes her a sidechick? Men hide their sidechicks, they don’t show them off to the world. The Navy needs to let it go Rihanna has moved on and so has Chris.

  6. She’s filling a void for Chris, because if rihanna decide to take Chris back, Chris would drop her like a bad habbit.

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