Paula Patton Makes It Official

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several months ago Paula Patton shocked a lot of people when she announced she had separated from R&B singer Robin Thicke, and sources close to the actress claim it was due to Robin’s alleged infidelity.

Robin was hoping he could convince Paula to give their marriage another try and he even dedicated his last studio album to her and unfortunately for Robin, the album flopped.

Now TMZ confirms that Paula has made things official and filed for divorce.

The site writes:

Robin Thicke tried and tried hard to save his marriage, but it didn’t work. TMZ has learned Paula Patton has filed for divorce … and as for the most important asset in the marriage … she wants joint custody.

Paula cites the usual … irreconcilable differences.

She wants joint legal and physical custody of their 4-year-old son Julian.



  1. It’s still kind of sad because they were high school sweethearts. Robin just had to get the big head and be a manwhore.

  2. And good riddance Robin all that begging did absolutely nothing for him he still lost his wife and had a flop album. He is definitely a contender for biggest loser of the year.

    1. The ironic thing is all the begging actually turned off his fans too. They knew he was wrong and just using the situation for album sales.

  3. Robin was so happy to have a hit song that he lost his mind. And because of his ego, he lost his wife. It’s sad how a little success can change people for the worst.

  4. I still can’t get over how she pretended she wasn’t fazed by him groping that other woman in that picture. I’m glad she finally came to her senses. A married man should behave as such at all times.

  5. This is probably one of the best things she could have done. Robin didn’t act like someone who wanted to be married. Now he’s free to sleep around all he wants.

    1. And I still don’t understand why she hasn’t divorced Boobie yet but she found enough time to sleep with Birdman and fight over him!!

  6. It’s hard to stay married to a cheater. I think she made the best decision in this situation. Now let’s all hope they can peacefully co-parent for their son.

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