‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Ratings Drop

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mona Scott Young moved fast to expand her reality television empire ever since “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” ended up becoming a smash hit, and she thought making Ray J the center of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” would ensure the show’s success.

However, it now appears that although the show had a strong start, ratings have been steadily declining since the show’s first episode.

According to TV By the Numbers, the show’s premiere episode brought in about 2.80 million viewers. However, episode two only managed to bring in 2.37 million viewers. And last Monday’s episode amassed only 2.18 million.

Now of course this isn’t a sign yet for Mona to panic because the show is still bringing in more eyeballs than LHHNY, Mona’s very first attempt at reality television.

It’s going to be interesting to see where ratings will be by the season’s end.

Are you still watching?


  1. Watch this post get stolen by Bossip…

    Anyway, I didn’t even watch last Monday. It’s boring. Mona wants to repeat the success of ATL but it won’t happen.

    1. Exactly. ATL just came in on some fresh ratchet ish we’ve never seen before. Nothing will ever compare to that first season.

  2. That’s a big drop from the first episode but the fact that it’s still doing better than LHHNY speaks volumes. She really needs to revamp that show. Bringing Erica Mena and Rich for another season is dumb.

  3. I’m struggling to tune in every week. I keep hoping it will get interesting but it hasn’t….besides Fizz’s situation of course but that’s not enough to carry the show because they don’t even give him that much camera time.

  4. Mona’s mistake was making Ray J and that whole Teairra story the main storyline of the show. They just aren’t that interesting, neither is their situation. It’s been done many times on these shows.

  5. I ain’t surprised this show is filled with a bunch of unknowns and has-been plus it’s going up against Monday night football. I watch it at work on the computer to pass the time honestly.

  6. Not surprised. I stopped watching after the second episode. When you start to daydream in the middle of an episode, you just accept the show isn’t worth watching.

  7. Mona needs to revamp her whole franchise because she keeps boring people on her shows for too many seasons. Why are Rasheeda and Kirk still on the ATL one? Why is Erica Mena and Rich still on LHHNY when Olivia was fired for being so dry? And what was Erica Dixon’s purpose? I can go on. She needs to work on her casting skills because they are lacking right about now.

  8. Well I tried to watch it and didn’t care for it. But I have been throughly enjoying Black-Ish and How To Get Away With Murder. I’d love for UB to update us on the ratings.

    1. Yea I’m pleasantly surprised at how good Black-ish is. I thought it would be corny but it’s been good so far.

    2. Both of those shows are good…. but I’m stuck on Gotham which come on at the same time as Mona’s bs.

  9. I honestly think reality television is on its way out besides LHHATL and RHOA, none of these other shows are getting good ratings. It’s too many great scripted shows out here to watch and people would rather tune in to sitcoms and dramas now.

  10. That pic of Nia NO! I only watch it on YouTube. They should have made Fizz the focal point since his situation is “unheard” of in this franchise.

  11. It’s not living up to the hype. ATL is kind of like the gift and the curse for Mona. It’s so successful that nothing else she does can live up to it and suffers because of that.

  12. I think this show is lacking a star. Every reality show needs that It factor. On LHHATL it’s Joseline and Stevie. On RHOA it’s always been Nene. But on this one, no one steals the show. She thought it would be Ray J but he’s really boring on here and brings nothing to the show.

    1. I have to agree. The only person we really heard of on the ATL show was Lil Scrappy but Stevie and Joseline became the stars instantly. Hiring nobodies isn’t the problem. It’s just that none of them are interesting.

  13. Nobody cares abput these young a-s kids. Idc who they are or what they’ve done. U cant start with ppl like my girl chrissy and jim and then follow up with lame a-s ray j and tearra mari. She could’ve gotten a better cast its LA!!

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