Amid Backlash, Andy Cohen Explains Porsha Williams’ RHOA Demotion

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Porsha Williams’ demotion shocked a lot of fans of the hit reality show, but no one was more shocked than Porsha herself.

In a statement, the reality star revealed she was blindsided by the network choosing to take her peach and give it to Claudia Jordan, and the change has been getting lots of backlash and criticism from Porsha’s supporters.

Amid the backlash, Andy Cohen is now explaining why the Porsha was demoted. He says:

“It had nothing to do with anything that happened at the reunion last season. Really, it was about the amount of story we got from Porsha this season. We went into it assuming she would be a full Housewife, holding a peach. We just haven’t gotten enough to merit that. She’s going to be in it a lot. We love her. I hope she’ll be on Bravo endlessly.”


Interestingly enough, Porsha hinted in her statement that she believed she was demoted because she wasn’t deemed interesting enough¬†this season.

According to sources, Claudia was so “turnt up” and involved in Kenya’s antics that producers said giving her peach was a no brainer.


  1. Not buying it. I think they knew since the reunion they wanted Porsha out but the backlash was so strong they felt like they had to “bring her back” to save face. Claudia and Demetria were hired to take her peach regardless and they just chose the most ratchet one between them which is Claudia once they finished filming.

      1. She doesn’t have one. That’s why she just sits back and nitpicks at NeNe all day and it’s the reason she came on the show starting mess with Cynthia and Porsha.

    1. The same can be said about Kenya. She hasn’t exactly shown herself to be very intelligent either by the way.

  2. Andy is lying and is really trying to insult people intelligence. From the day Porsha dragged Kenya across that stage like a rag doll her fate was sealed.But they weren’t expecting the backlash they got when it was rumors Porsha was getting fired because anyone with half a brain knew she was provoked. So they went about it in a very slick way demoting her and not letting it be known until the season was almost here.

  3. It’s a blessing in disguise for her. Bravo wants these women to get messier and damn near ruin their lives on camera for ratings. Porsha could have gone that route but refused to so they got Claudia’s bird a-s to do it instead. By the end of this season, Kenya will look even worse than she has in the past seasons, Claudia’s hoe rep will catch up to her, and Cynthia will be more hated than she ever has before. NeNe will be redeemed, people will feel for Phaedra and folks will finally get fed up with Kandi using her momma for a paycheck. Mark my words.

  4. Porsha is always called the dumb one, but home girl was smart enough to get a job, and become an entrepreneur outside the show. That no longer fit the role Bravo had given her, and that helped push her out the door.

  5. I think it’s kind of obvious they knew since last season they wanted to replace Porsha. In my opinion they are trying to center the show around Kenya now even though she is the least liked. This formula isn’t going to work. And I’m sure they would kick NeNe off the show if they could. They haven’t yet because she still remains the most popular and most liked, Kandi is a close second.

  6. I don’t even know if I really want to watch now. I’m not a Porsha stan but I don’t like what this show is changing into. It used to be about watching these married women balance marriage and career, and every now and again they had some cat fights. Now it’s all about “reads” and clicking up and pettiness all the time. It’s draining to watch this because now these chicks actually have stans and sh-t. Like how the f-ck do you stan for any of these broads? It’s not like any of them are out here selling out stadium tours, creating multi-million dollar empires or marrying the next president of the USA. I can’t.

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