Amber Rose Has a New Athlete Boo?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose claimed recently that her divorce from Wiz Khalifa has been extremely painful, but her estranged hubby has wasted no time getting back into the dating field.

Although Nick Cannon was rumored to be Amber’s rebound, Nick squashed the rumors and was reportedly spotted on a date with another woman recently. And although some claimed Amber was spotted flirting with Gene Simmons’ son Nick at a nightclub, Nick Simmons claimed on his Twitter account that he’s just friends with Amber.

In the meantime, Amber has reportedly found a rebound with an athlete during her London getaway.

The Daily Mail writes:

After a night out on the town, newly-single Amber Rose was spotted leaving Chinawhite nightclub with footballer Samuel Eto’o in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A source tells MailOnline that Amber, who recently announced her split from rapper husband Wiz Khalifa, departed the West End hot-spot moments after the Everton FC footballer at 3:30 am.

The source adds that the sportsman’s car was then spotted outside her London hotel before 4 am, prior to the statuesque skinhead’s arrival.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram


Amber responded to the report earlier today on her Instagram account and claims she’s not dating anyone just yet:

amber rose instagram


  1. Amber needs to be by herself for a minute before jumping back on the market. Let Wiz be the one running around collecting STDs!

    1. Question: Did hanging with Amber give him a “cute” pass? Cuz I swear, his horse face is bugging the sh-t outta me now!

  2. She needs to just sit it out for a while. The right man will come into her life when she isn’t even thinking about it.

    1. Agreed. Maybe this isn’t serious, but when she’s ready to get serious again she needs to be careful and take her time.

  3. There is nothing wrong starting things off as friends while going through a difficult break up. I did it and it really kept me sane. He is fine Amber.

  4. Human beings get horny and we want to have sex sometimes. That doesn’t change just because you’re in the middle of a divorce. I see no harm in her enjoying herself and getting her feet wet from time to time. Hell Wiz has been doing a lot worse.

  5. Uh are we sure they’re dating? They may just be f-cking and she’s entitled to that since Wiz is out here f-cking twins and random birds he meets at nightclubs.

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