Kenya Moore Backtracks

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, it was revealed that RHOA star Kenya Moore was finally keeping her word and donating $20,000 to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation this week, but now it’s been confirmed that the reality star has cancelled.

Detroit Free Press writes:

Kenya Moore, a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” won’t be able to attend an assembly planned in her honor Friday at Cass Technical High School because of a scheduling conflict involving her family. She still plans to donate $20,000 to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, said Shannon Barr, vice president of a public relations firm that works with Moore.

This is the second time Moore’s appearance — and the donation — has been rescheduled. She was originally going to present a check on Tuesday, but then the event was pushed to Friday. No new date has been set.

“I’m disappointed for a variety of reasons,” said Glenda Price, president of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. “The students at Cass Tech were preparing to perform. There has been so much anticipation about her visiting the school.”


Price claims Kenya has cancelled because her father won’t be able to attend this week and she plans to reschedule for a later date.


  1. They are never going to get that donation. I don’t know why Kenya won’t just be honest and admit she’s having money problems. It’s no secret that her production company is struggling and she was broke when she signed on for RHOA. She needs to stop flexing.

      1. No it’s not going to happen that nasty b-tch don’t have $20.00 dollars. Who you know that promise something to kids and then cancel over and over. She will never give away that kind of money cause she needs every dime she gets.

  2. Oh Kenya, when you’ve got an ugly countenance, and a mean, horrible spirit your karma is that much more delicious. Let’s see how Team Delusion spins this one!

  3. Ok I didn’t know she cancelled the event twice this week. It really seems like she doesn’t have the money. She’s letting her pride make a fool out of her.

  4. They will get the money. And when they do, I can’t wait to see all the bitterness that will be typed in these comments.

  5. This is a bad look. I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought had the president not mentioned the fact these kids had been preparing for this….and if it’s her second time cancelling? Yeah. All bad.

    1. Kenya should have to at least double that donation, just for all the time and effort the teachers, and especially the students are now out of because of her ego.

  6. The donation is more important than the presentation so why not just hand over the donation now (to show good faith) and deal with the presentation later. I’m confident Kenya will hand over the money, but this whole charade leads me to believe this is all for show. I feel bad for the students who were excited to perform for her. It’s really sad when people mack a mockery of charity.

  7. It’s going to be a lot of hurt feelings when she gives them that check. You can’t ever count Kenya out. When will y’all learn that?

    1. Do you know how stupid you sound, (WHEN SHE) that check was suppose to be given long time ago, A person who has money just gives the donation not make a big deal out of it, your ass knows Kenya does not have any money, ask your dumb a-s this “how come Kenya didn’t just send the check anyway and do the event later?” cause you know she don’t have money. Nobody ain’t going to be feeling sh-t cause that nasty b-tch will never send that check, that tramp has been counted out a long time ago, get your a-s off this site.

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