Mona Scott Young Calls out ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Viewers

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mona Scott Young found success in reality television with her “Love and Hip Hop” franchise but she still catches lots of backlash as the creator of one of the most ratchet television programs in television history.

Interestingly enough, Mona seems to think the shows are successful because most of the viewers see a lot of themselves in the stars.

Mona tells Arise 360:

“I think people enjoy being able to sit in their living room and see what’s going on in other people’s lives. I always say I also think there’s a relatability factor that nobody wants to cop to.

“I think you watch that show and you see a little bit of something that you recognize. Maybe a little bit of something of yourself. Love or hate it, they’re addicted.”


  1. No b-tch, I started watching to see the craziness of these people’s lives. You took it to a whole ‘nother level of rachet. FOH! I think Mona is the one living vicariously through folks like Joseline, not us.

  2. She’s got it all wrong. People like LHHATL because it was the most ratchet TV we’ve ever seen. It’s really like a train wreck. We just can’t believe it’s actually people out here living like that.

  3. Oh please Mona don’t insult our intelligence you know damn well people ain’t like that in real life. She getting these idiots to act like a fool for her and Vh1’s benefit. Have the sell out black lady to have these black idiots act up on tv for ratings so Vh1 can really profit. Because what they are really saying is if y’all ain’t acting a fool we can’t give y’all a show which is insulting and Mona knows this but she doesn’t care as long as her check clears. Black people have to act like the fools but white people can act like their normal boring self and still get green lit i.e. I heart Nick Carter.

  4. I think we all knew Mona wasn’t ish when she actually gave Yung Berg a platform. She will do anything for money.

  5. What kind of ratchet people does she hang around if she thinks what happens on her shows is normal? LMBO.

  6. Man look here. I don’t care how “entertaining” those people could be. After seeing this, I’ll never…and I mean NEVER, watch anything affiliated with her. It’s an insult. And while it’s been no secret that she has no regard for those on her show, this tells me she has no regard for those who watch either. I hardly watched before but now even reruns won’t be getting my views.

  7. Mona sounds like she’s trying to convince herself that what she’s doing and creating isn’t all that bad. LOL.

  8. She should speak for herself. I don’t see myself in any of these people. I just enjoy trashy TV as a form of escapism from normalcy.

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