Amber Rose Gets Fed Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose is going through a very public divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa, and she’s finding no rest from the headlines as the media continues to speculate about the current state of her love life.

Amber has already been linked to Nick Cannon, Nick Simmons and a professional athlete, but she has denied dating all three and declared her single status on Instagram recently.

However, that hasn’t saved her from the “whore” labels.

Fed up with the criticism and speculation, Amber clapped back on her Instagram account with the following (peep the hashtags):

amber rose instagram


Fun fact, the Urban Dictionary defines fleek as “on point.”


  1. Booty shots on Instagram aren’t my thing, but Amber looks great. She really lost all the baby weight. PS. I hate that people are calling her the whore when Wiz was the one who did the cheating.

      1. And it doesn’t look like a diaper either. Kim be walking around looking like one of the Rugrats with that lumpy a-s diaper of hers.

      1. Yeah man. Makes me look at this photo in a totally different context now too. I’m thinking she wanted it to be seen in this photo. Hmmmm….

  2. I’m still waiting for people to start calling Wiz a whore, THOT and slut for cheating on his wife and mother of his child.

    1. Nah! They’re too busy high-fiving him for getting those two yeast-ridden twins in the sack. This is truly a f-cked up world we live in.

  3. Amber looks good. I don’t think she is a whore or a thot, gold digger maybe before but not now. How do yall know wiz cheated? Do you have proof? Both of their “camps” said they both cheated on each other, but neither one of them personally came out and said it. So, if you are going to believe wiz cheated you have to believe Amber cheated as well.

  4. So I’m wondering….does that a-s secure a future for your son? Why is this normal now? Wondering why showing what God gave you is appropriate for a mother? Hmmmm…

    1. Why is it just up to Amber to secure a future for her son? Did Wiz not impregnate her? And I can understand that booty pictures aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but please don’t discredit the fact that Amber does make her own money too. She’s got a role on a show on ABC, she has an online fashion boutique that does well and she still models. Not to mention she has a new agent now. She’s not lazy. BTW, where’s the outrage when Wiz posts photos of himself smoking weed, messing with groupies, etc. on IG? I really can’t stand that a woman’s body causes so much outrage and accusations of bad parenting.

      1. Where did I say she was the ONLY one that needed to secure a future? I asked WILL it. Secondly, I said it’s not appropriate for a mother, not the she’s a bad parent. Can you read? Or did you try extra hard to be stupid with this comment. I’m entitled to my opinion and I’m just missing the connection between “a-sonFLEEK” and your reputation. If it doesn’t bother you, address it if asked. I just don’t think being this type of proactive is wise. I’m sure if Bash brought home a woman that Amber seen virtually nude selfies of, she’d have some reservations. IJS.

        1. You know, people only get rude when you strike a nerve. Like the quote says, “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” I and others called you out on your judgmental, hypocritical and sexist rubbish. You stated your opinion and I responded. And I stand by every word. Deal.

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