Kenya Moore Claps Back

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently that Kenya Moore was making good on the charity challenge NeNe Leakes presented to her at RHOA’s last reunion show, and the reality star was set to make an appearance at a school this week and hand over the $20,000 check.

However, Kenya cancelled her appearance twice this week, and the school’s principal said she was frustrated with Kenya’s antics.

Interestingly enough, Kenya is clapping back at all the backlash she’s receiving, and she posted the following to her Instagram account just hours ago:

kenya moore instagramkenya moore instagram 2


    1. Oh please. Kenya still didn’t give them the check so nothing has changed since yesterday. This was purely for ego reasons. I didn’t think she could get any more unlikable but here she is. Smh.

  1. I’m trying to understand why she’s bringing so much attention to this donation. Most givers are silent about their donations because they realize it’s not about them but the cause itself. I see Kenya didn’t get that memo.

  2. Her eyes are red like she cried before she took this picture. It must be a sick feeling to give away half of your RHOA check because you have no other source of income.

  3. I told y’all yesterday that there was going to be a lot of salty people on here when she popped out that check. And so far, I’m right. Lol.

    1. Shouldn’t you be holding your breath to see if it clears before you start flossing? Anyone can write 0000s on a blank check!

        1. No Boo, boo!!! “Seethe” is what y’all do when Nene gets another gig that Kenya didn’t. Real talk is what I do! *Twirl on that*

      1. It’s a cashier’s check. The bank takes the money out of your account and give you a check. It’s guranteed. It’s like a money order but money orders only go up to a certain threshhold. You can get a cashier’s check for much more. But she does have to give it to them.

  4. Kenya’s stunts are getting old. If she had money like that, she would have shut NeNe up and cut that check a year ago. It took her a year to come up with the funds, and she had to cancel the event twice this week because the money didn’t really get there until yesterday. And to top it off, she still has not given the foundation the money. She needs to cut the BS. She’s really trying to insult our intelligence here.

  5. Kenya can’t be that much about Detroit, otherwise she wouldn’t be such a media-whore about this check. At the end of the day it’s about the kids, and not about her. If this check clears, then we can talk. Till then, it’s worthless.

  6. But by reading the caption she makes it clear that she still hasn’t given them the money. I think she should have waited to post this until the check was actually given to the school.

  7. It seems as though there is an ulterior motive here. Not to get all holy and spiritual, but you’re rewarded by what’s done in private. This comes off as seeking approval/acceptance/applause from PEOPLE…and it just doesn’t sit right with me. But hey, who am I? Whatevs.

  8. As always, she’s pulling stunts. She could have at least waited until she actually gave them the money. Smdh.

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