Jhene Aiko Defends Cancelled Def Jam 30 Performance

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Jhene Aiko was supposed to perform at the Def Jam 30 concert the other day, however, her performance was cancelled just minutes before she was set to hit the stage.

After her fans began to scream foul on social media, Jhene hopped on her Instagram account and explained she had to cancel her show because a woman on her management team was allegedly assaulted right before her scheduled show.

She writes to a fan the following after they inquired about the no-show:

Unfortunately me and my camp were told to “get the f*ck out” by “workers” while I was waiting to go on stage, ….after this “worker” (male) physically assaulted a member of my management (female) ….we had to leave due to the disrespect and hostile environment. If there’s one thing I can’t rock with, it’s disrespect…. if me and my band members were any of the rappers that were performing there, we would have never been talked to or treated in such a way. I’m sorry that I was unable to perform for you tonight…. hope to see you soon!


  1. I don’t blame her and she has to let it be known that people can’t disrespect her or her team. This says a lot about her character I like her they just need to follow up with pressing charges.

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