Draya Cheated on Orlando Scandrick?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya and Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick are back together despite their previous split, but now it appears the couple may have new drama on their hands thanks to one of Draya’s ex-boyfriends. According to TMZ, Draya’s ex is suing her for their alleged “raunchy home video” and it’s possible the video could end up being sold.

TMZ writes:

TMZ has learned a video is being shopped around to the big p*rn companies … featuring a woman who looks a lot like the “Basketball Wives” star — and her ex, David Miranda.

Miranda filed suit in NY small claims court … for loss of “private documents.” David tells us the private “doc” in question is actually a s*x tape.

David says he and Draya were banging from Jan. 2011 to Sept. 2013 … and have videos meant for their eyes only — and now he’s upset someone is pimping it.



The most interesting part of TMZ’s article is the fact that Draya’s ex claims they didn’t stop sleeping together until September of last year. Interesting fact, Draya went public with Orlando in July of last year.


Draya hasn’t responded to her ex’s accusations as of yet, so we’re labeling this as gossip for now.


  1. This isn’t surprising Draya is and will always be a thot. Just because she got a little business going doesn’t change that. Orlando shouldn’t even trip he knew the type of woman he got with can’t get mad when you choose a scandalous chick and her whorish ways keep popping up. Take the L homie and keep it moving.

  2. Sounds like they both want it to come out to cash in. Can’t put my thought past that. Draya will try and play the Mimi part on this! Oh it was stolen!!!

  3. My black, cynical heart thinks this is a weak “Mimi” move to get publicity for that wannabe show they’ve been trying to get. I don’t put anything past these thirsty-a-s publicity hounds.

    1. Yes. He threatened to leak the tape before so I don’t believe for a second he’s not the one shopping it around now.

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