Future Addresses Ciara Breakup in New Track?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and Future called off their engagement a few months ago, and sources claim the romance ended because the rapper was allegedly not being faithful to his R&B fiancee.

Future hasn’t said much on the reports, but he may now be opening up about the split in his new track.

In the track “Throw Away” on his new mixtape “Monster,” the rapper raps the following:

“Deep down, I believe, you know you’re a monster too”

And then Future follows up with this:

“Go on f— that ni–a, get it over with… My love don’t mean that much to you… Do you feel better about yourself?… I was f—ing on a slut, and I was thinking about you”

And this:

“I told you it wasn’t true love, I ended up with temptations
You going out the country, you posting up on IG
I’m Layed up with my side piece
I wanna taste, while you was right there laying right beside me
Now tell me you dont want me
Tell me that your p*ssy ain’t mines no more
Tell me your moving on, you don’t love me no more

Listen to the track below:


  1. I’m actually relieved Ciara is done with Future. He’s really not mature enough to be in a relationship, let alone married. Smh at these lyrics.

  2. I don’t get men like Future. You can’t expect a woman with common sense to be ok with you sleeping with other women. If he really loved Ciara, he would have been faithful because it’s the right thing to do. He should stay single.

  3. Oh Future shut the hell up. He just mad that Ciara is going on with her life she made a terrible mistake getting with him which is totally on her. But it seems to me like she is moving on perfectly fine and he can’t stand it.

  4. Wow!!!! And this POS calls himself a man…singing lyrics like those? It’s like we have a bunch of little boys, masquerading as men nowadays. Shameful!!!!

  5. The nerve of this fool thinking Ciara shouldn’t be mad he slept with other people. Who does he think he is? Ugh!

  6. Don’t drag me y’all but this kind of reminds me of Jay Z’s song Song Cry when he was like I was just f’ing those girls I was gon come right back. Jay Z came a very long way, and now he’s a married man and father to Blue Ivy. I’m just saying maybe one day Future can grow up too and understand what being a man really means.

    1. That use to be my jam! And you’re so right……it takes time for some of these a$$holes to mature & grow up.

  7. Future ain’t sh-t. But we already knew that though. The next time some man with multiple kids and baby mamas approaches Ciara, she’ll know better than to take him seriously, or at least one can hope.

    1. I agree with you…Future is what he always was. She wanted him so badly that she befriended the sister wives and ignored the signs. I’m all for female empowerment but sometimes people tell and show you what they are.

  8. When she found out how many kids and baby mamas he had, she should have threw up the deuces. She got cocky and thought her lil fame would make him want to change. LOL.

  9. I personally believe their relationship was never real.Ciara still got the hots for 50 end of story. Future just happened to be at the right place and right time during her vulnerability. He took full advantage of it. He even said himself she wasn’t hard to get into bed. She picked him, so she has to deal with these f**ked up songs about her. I see she still is following him on twitter smh. well he is her baby daddy so she needs to keep tabs on him.

  10. Oh hell naw….these dudes kill me. They cheat and do all types of shyt. As soon as u move on wit urself here they go tryna play u like u the slut. Like u suppose to become a nun after fckn wit them…..no booboo. U can do w/ the fck u wanna do when u single…these men always wanna throw dirt

  11. Who in the hell is going to buy that sh*t? He’s playing head games with her on with this bullsh*t rap…he knew he had her nose open and he’s trying to mess up her head and self-esteem. He’s dirty…if his @ was on fire, Ciara shouldn’t spit on him to try and put his @ out!

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